1. Artie could’ve made some kind of comeback up until he ruined his nose.

  2. I would set it up to use the unreal water system that is built in. Or get Oceanology

  3. I’m so glad the dad actually looked out for his daughter completely

  4. Who wouldn’t want to take their mutha to a Bob Levy and Shuli show. You can watch your mom get blue cheese eaten out of her ass

  5. I think they split in the past few months. He’s nowhere to be seen. She’s doing her only fans with a tripod, and her social media too. And for the first time in awhile, she looks healthy.

  6. It was jan hein daughters or some shit. It was really fucking weird.

  7. To me, it's the reckless abandon of admitting something like that which has me second-guessing his judgment, let alone the moral repugnance of bestiality. That discussion is vile on so many levels, not at all fascinating. It would be 100% from then on: "we have to work with a total creep."

  8. “You brought entirely plain McDonald’s? It’s like you didn’t even try to make an alibi.”

  9. Not where he should be. At least not according to jail or obit records

  10. He’s admitted to having his chin and nose done but I also think he’s gotten Botox and done something to his eyes and eye area

  11. Are you saying there's something wrong with being with a girl who is charitable?

  12. Lol if you’re significant other used their hand on a homeless person would you be chill with that?

  13. At this point I would be surprised if you were able to sell for a worthwhile price.

  14. Wait...are we going to be able to buy the emperor's tarot at the end? If do, they can take all my money.

  15. That would be cool but there’s no way there will be a canon emperors tarot

  16. His wife fell under the spell of a guru who conducts her sermons next to the water heater in the basement. She has a harem of frumpy woman followers. Shuli and family picked up and moved to be closer to her is the way I understand it.

  17. This may sound like a joke but this actually happened op… lol

  18. He’s fallen under the sway of some mlm snake oil sales woman who sells money attraction courses online and oils that cure you of stuff.

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