1. NBRHC, sorry. I’ve been in Sudbury 2 years and still learning things. I thought the whole site was run by NBRHC.

  2. It is, but the 5th floor is operated by HSN inpatient psychiatry.

  3. I found a baggie of a couple cigarettes and white pills/powder in the ceiling tile above the washroom in the emerge waiting room. It was all tightly wrapped up in seran wrap Probably for easy placement in the ol prison wallet. Probably a package for an inmate from the jail is my guess (because of the cigarettes).

  4. I worked at Tim Hortons in 2014 and would have old guys coming in asking for dutchies.

  5. Go into crew management and change the reload task to have no priority (no number or 0) and then you can remove it without them reloading it. Then go sell it at port. 👍

  6. Full time (not me) get something like 130 paid sick days at 75% pay.

  7. I’m sure the fool is trying to bring up the extremely rare and uncommon automatism defence that was making the news a few months back

  8. Drug Psychosis Defence was successfully used in my city (in Ontario) when a deranged lunatic ran at cops with two knives in a busy downtown bus terminal. He was released after a year and literally stabbed a woman and her infant child the day after he was released.

  9. By the way he didn't want to make separate payments he probably had done it before and knew about the glitch. You guys didn't know any different at the time but its unfortunate that you might get in trouble when you were the ones taken advantage of. What a piece of garbage.

  10. Yes! I worked at a dollar store, stood at the entrance without the capability to stop people or really do anything (Canada). I was at that contract for just over a year but my predecessors ruined it for me by being creeps and losers. We had to ask to use the washrooms since security wasn't allowed the door code for the back.

  11. This was my first model too when I started back in 2017!

  12. National Justice Museum in Nottingham is criminally underrated.

  13. I was back home for 6 weeks last Christmas and wanted to visit this one! Will have to keep it in mind for next time.

  14. I've also noticed this. Not complaining, just observing.

  15. Have you considered getting a security license? Pretty much all security companies are hiring at all times, flexible and usually pretty easy work, potential for overtime. Customer service experience is valuable and as long as you're not a complete falldown you can probably work your way up the food chain. I'm out of the game now but try the companies with bigger contracts like Commissionaires and AUS.

  16. I have some pictures of the inside of an institution built in the 1920s. Send me a message.

  17. Good! A double cup is so wasteful, whats the advantage of a double cup over a sleeve?

  18. I worked for GW Cash for about 6 months in Northern Ontario. First off it's casual/on-call, at least one of those months I wound up with zero hours from them. I probably averaged about 1 shift a week total from them. I want to say it's a toxic environment, probably the only time in my life I will scrub a dirty toilet bowl with a gun strapped to my hip.

  19. I sold the last one at my store today, I was shocked people bought them

  20. No one has bought this from my store yet, or at least that I know of lol

  21. Whats your general location? Do you have them on the shelves with the other merchandise or are they behind the counter?

  22. When I was a kid there was a man who lived in a bus shelter called "Nobby". Apparently he was an ex golf pro whose house had burnt down and his wife had either died in the conflagration or had left him shortly before or afterwards. He died when I was still a kid but my family would always point him out as we drove by his bus shelter. Looking back, I feel quite sorry for him.

  23. I'd drive past him most days on my way to and from work. A few times, he went missing and after a few days the Evening Telegraph would post a update reassuring everyone that he was okay because he was such a well-known character and members of the public were calling them asking where he was.

  24. Have also just learned that he died in 2020, so I was victim to one of the many "Nobby has died" rumours!

  25. I vaguely recall those updates in the DT as well! If he'd been in hospital for a few days there'd be a scurry of gossip around the playground that Nobby had died.

  26. The "customer is always right". It refers to how business should be driven by consumer demand, not everything an individual customer thinks or wants should be taken as Gospel.

  27. Turned right when my instructor told me to turn left.

  28. Lots of police services are moving away from 10 codes to plain language. Just because its easier to explain in a few brief words than memorize dozens of 10 codes. On top of that, radios are clearer now than back in the 1940s and 50s when 10 codes were invented. At my jail other than 10-4 and 10-9 we don't use any. Contrast that with the hospital security I worked at and we had forty 10 codes.

  29. Howard the Duck. It doesn't take itself too seriously but it has a bit of everything.

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