1. It was the assinine deal to move all Bliz-Acti E-sports to YT. Hearthstone was a throw in for Overwatch and Call of Duty but it killed HS to do that.

  2. The best part is that the move has damaged those esports arguably just as much

  3. Having arguably the best QB ever for over a decade comes at the steep steep cost of a mediocre season. You poor soul.

  4. Fucking seriously, I met my now wife 6+ years ago and this is the first winnings season we’ve been together for any Detroit sports team. Fucking hell man so spoiled

  5. I’m glad our owner gives enough of a shit to be there even on days like today. I love that she’s investing in new turf and if Dan really believes she’s giving him every resource then I feel so good about the future.

  6. They can’t even conceptualize a penalty being on the packers lmao

  7. And naturally all the “REfS HATE THE LIONS” crybabies have mysteriously vanished

  8. I mean what did you think they were going to do there even if they do…

  9. I guess the lesson here is don't start 1-6. And, if you do, don't get absolutely beat the fuck up by the Panthers.

  10. The difference to me is that every other team gets to do those things because when it comes down to it they get the bounces and ref fuckery and we don’t. I ducking hate this attitude, it’s not ridiculous to expect the referees to be at least competent.

  11. Don't worry Lions, have a decent offseason and you guys have real postseason hopes.

  12. We had them this year too. This officiating isn’t exactly new for us.

  13. .....what? Free coffee at work is literally an entire workforce standard. What white collar company doesnt have a budget for coffee? It literally became the norm in the 50s to have coffee for employees because it boosts productivity.

  14. Just more proof that so many of the people posting here have never worked a day in their life lmao, I worked at subway and we even had a coffee budget there like what

  15. I’m a professional driver, so yeah I don’t have a coffee option at work. Wow surprising you had coffee at subway which sells coffee. Please generalize more.

  16. He’s from Grand Rapids or at least lived therefor a while

  17. Idk how you can complain about that holding call dude put his hands on the back of Sauce’s pads and pulled

  18. Please just keep that energy when you see your lineman do that to Hutchinson and Houston the rest of the game

  19. Hang in there, Messi will find a way, I believe

  20. Are people seriously asking for a red card for that?

  21. For real, to get a red in that context it's going to have to be incredibly egregious

  22. At least the fans of these teams deserve another game, can't say the same for qatar

  23. What big brain moron decided to put this game on FS1 and the shit Qatar game on big FOX?

  24. Lot of dutch descendants in the US that will watch the game on fox, not a ton of casuals who care about the other two countries and the diehards will pay the extra money for FS1 to watch the better game anyway.

  25. We need to start a petition to display live reddit comments in the stadium so that players can benefit from it

  26. Canada should be ahead, some unfortunate finishing. The other penalty calls were absurd though, no need to blame the ref. Should just have rewarded themselves by scoring from those chances.

  27. Not having good finishing is not an excuse for the ref not understanding offside.

  28. Oh in that case it was the correct call, my bad.

  29. You and the other 10 racists that post this every day still aren't funny. Re-evaluate your life.

  30. Win today and getting out of groups looks more than possible

  31. Can't watch live atm. Why the hell have stoppage times been so high?

  32. Supposed to finally be doing it correctly and not just adding a random number 1-5

  33. Wait, is it possible to do 6 substitutions in that WC if it includes the Keeper ????

  34. Had season tickets to U of M soccer when I lived near Ann Arbor, always was a great time and I was honestly surprised by how good the play was, go check a game out if one is close!

  35. Have you ever been there? Like in the last 15 years? Lmao could have at least said flint or something

  36. While pissing sitting down is great, I think Lud is missing the true correct option, having a urinal installed in his house.

  37. He threw as many picks this game as he usually throws all season. Truly an anomaly of a game. But that’s just lions games for us. Remember a few years ago Crosby missed 5 FG against the lions.

  38. Yes the packers, always so unlucky against the lions fucking lmao

  39. It’s so nice to look at a game thread for a Detroit team and see a winning record holy shit

  40. Wait they didn’t even look at it what the fuck

  41. How the fuck is GB getting so many breaks. This really makes me believe the shit lions fans say about games being tipped against them

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