Note left by a VPD member " I'm sorry I didn't make it in time".

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  1. It won’t because mortgage rates have gone up. Actually, everything has gone up except for my wage.

  2. We got ours at Canadian Tire 3 years ago. Lots of options there for sizes and fullness. We chose one with built in lights as well.

  3. There’s always somebody who’s complaining about the design of a building. It’s not possible to please everyone.

  4. Wtfff 20 months?? For killing a baby

  5. Is it possible at all that the label was incorrect and just replaced with the correct one?

  6. I’m not offended, I know we don’t have a chance. Not even a slim 1994 chance.

  7. I think your business will do well in time just from word of mouth. Many people have already learned about ur business from ur initial marketing campaign.

  8. One of my fav Canuck’s goals of all time!!

  9. For those yelling “too much force!”, I’d like to see them try and arrest a person going through a mental breakdown and see how it goes. I think it was just enough force..

  10. You went into a stranger’s car?

  11. It’s distracting as hell, turn it off! - that’s my reasoning

  12. The interest rate is high right now. The calculations you get now vs 12 months ago would be totally different.

  13. Damn, I teared up a little…

  14. Thank you, I’ll give a few malls a call to see if they’re participating!

  15. That’s so sad, she’s so young and should of had much more time to enjoy life

  16. I would just go alone if I were in your shoes. It’ll be a lot scarier than going with someone, but that’s the whole point isn’t it?!

  17. Sounds like something my friends and I would talk about doing while we are drunk…but never doing it. These guys had balls lol

  18. Lol his buddy climbing down from the ceiling

  19. Wait, so you’re telling me if I hop in front of a moving vehicle, it won’t stop???

  20. I would call the credit card company directly (number on back of card), to verify the validity of this investigator.

  21. She’s the type that tries to get into businesses after they’ve closed lol

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