1. Consider trying for an in campus apt if expenses allow. It gives a lot more flexibility.

  2. I like books that help me escape (which you have a lot of recos for here) and also some that help me look at things differently. One idea in the latter camp is {{the happiness project}} as it helped me engage in life and little self experiments to discover what lifted my mood. It is Buddhist based but {{Radical Acceptance}} was also helpful to remind me to accept and have compassion for myself as I navigated a tough time.

  3. Depends on state laws. Some have reciprocity some don’t. On the east coast it is common for folks to work in nyc but live in ni or ct. and we pay tax to nyc and are credited for it on our state tax.

  4. {{cutting for stone}} {{the Lincoln highway}} {{the Caine mutiny}}

  5. Start small. And be happy with those successes. Like 5 minute cool downs for awhile to get used to showing up for it each day again.

  6. I think so! While I would also like even more content and trainers in English (especially in rowing), when one thinks of the worldwide market, it seems strange we’re now at about two years of Fitness+ and there’s large parts of the world with no access.

  7. I’d love more rowing too. It is one of my go to workouts. :)

  8. Agree. Rowing has a range of platforms with some good free options, various dedicated apps, etc. If you are all in like some are with peloton, I doubt fitness plus would be your go to rowing source. But for someone who likes variety, it is a great way to break things up. Even when rowing I don't always do Fitness+, sometimes I do steady state or the C2 WOD etc. I think Apple has been really smart with this product in a range of ways including targeting beginners effectively, making it manageable and a space free of "diet-talk", making it accessible, affordable and easy to do in bitesize pieces. I also think they've done well to use it to give added functionality to their watches, extra placement for music, etc. I would love to see their data akin to some of the data on Peloton above... (e.g. average number of workouts, etc)

  9. I would say not as good to do three. Reason being you’re doing 3 warmups per 30 minutes instead of just 1 warmup. Less time is spent at the higher intensity

  10. Although three warmups if three workouts, I often find the 30 min workouts have longer warmups and cool downs and are sometimes less intense than ten min ones. So it may even out?

  11. Ps. I have a dear friend who was diagnosed stage 4 breast cancer when her kids were around the same age as yours and got over 20 years. Even saw them graduate college and one got married. 💕 so you just never know. Wishing you peace and strength as you walk this path.

  12. Did they make 6 figures for a long time? Seems unlikely they wouldn’t have a lot saved up. If they could save $5,000 a month for 30 years with 6% annual return, that’s over 5 million. Change to $3,000, 20 years and it’s still 1.4 million. Just curious since you said they were frugal and maybe they didn’t invest?

  13. 6 figures could be 100k. After taxes probably about 65k. Not likely that even saving 3k/month happens for most especially if they have kids and any college bills or live in a hcol area.

  14. Everyday. Have really fine hair and have never found a dry shampoo or non shampoo alternative that kept me from looking limp and oily by lunch day 2.

  15. If it makes you feel better, a lot of people have reserved and locked their 23’s after only putting in the reso’s the last few months or less. Meanwhile I’m here chilling with my 3/11 reso and no lock 🙃

  16. Okay, y’all. I called and was able to change to the AWD Pro S in T Blue with Cosmic Interior!

  17. Was your change after locking the order? If so who did you call / how did you change? Sounds like you went up a model?

  18. You may get lucky. Mine says coming dec or jan and I locked in august too.

  19. The majority of Swedish learners are migrants from Islamic countries. Their beliefs aren’t the most progressive unfortunately.

  20. It's demoralizing for sure and I wish the comments would be taken down. I'm learning Spanish using Duolingo but I haven't read any comments. Perhaps that's for the best.

  21. I am too and don’t even know where to find the comments desk top or mobile or where.

  22. How are you getting you VO2max from Garmin connect to health ? I looked into it and it doesn’t seems to have that as a default export from Garmin. Could it be that you have another device (Apple Watch ?) that try to estimate VO2max ? Or maybe another tool that estimate based on workout data from health and then write it to health ? In that case I would trust garmin data more tbh.

  23. This is my question if it is Apple Watches estimation it doesn’t work for all activities. In fact it only works with a brisk walk, hike or run outdoors that lasts a minimum specified time (can’t recall what right now maybe 20 min?)

  24. First of all, it's great that you feel ready to get back to your fitness program. Dealing with mental health issues is so hard, I know from experience. Sometimes it requires stepping back from other activities to expend your energy towards feeling better. And of course, it can leave you with no energy for anything else. It sounds like you have made a lot of progress towards caring for yourself already so GO, YOU!! :-)

  25. Was coming to say this but less eloquently. Nice job. And OP we are rooting for you!

  26. Try rebooting phone and watch. I got them now

  27. bummer rebooted both and nada colada. :( I am sure it will show up eventually. Is it in regular awards area?

  28. Yeah it’s right in the middle of the awards

  29. They showed up now. I am absurdly delighted by the challenge of working to new awards. And the fun of seeing what I have earned thus far.

  30. Does his mean they'll remove Dustin's workouts?

  31. Nope. If you look at trainers on your watch he is there and his description is now listed as an alumni trainer. I am sure if music rights change, some may go away as has happened, but generally, they seem to keep them on their like they have with Amir's workouts.

  32. Kim has been HIIT but perhaps you meant strength as well? Is she now both? I’ll definitely miss Betina’s workouts but I’m very happy for her with all she’ll be able to do moving forward!

  33. Yes I completely botched it. Just a different picture if Kim. And it was mindful cooldown that used to be Dustin and now Jonelle. Thanks for correction.

  34. I love to lean on the collections to help limit decision paralysis. And to make me give some things enough of a chance to see if I like them. So I have done a bunch of them.

  35. I hope this doesn’t encourage fitness + members to be in parks with this playing on their speaker instead of headphones. I’m excited to not have to deal with switching between my phone to my watch to listen to this now.

  36. So glad to not have to switch anymore. Having to switch which device my headphones connected to was a small but annoying thing.

  37. Thanks 😊! Great workout- after 3 weeks of doing zero!

  38. Good on ya for getting back to it. It is probably a good one for beginners too but with them using a light weight as it uses some of the most common forms they’ll see in fitness+ and gives a good sense of form. Though the music was meh for me.

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