1. instantly knew it with the architecture ! Im over on UBC campus, we getting a ton of snow xd

  2. Yeah I bet! Got a good coating by burnaby mountain

  3. I would absolutely love a link to these!! My friend and I love them!

  4. Where u get the sword? Looks sweet with that set!

  5. It drops from the Tibia Mariner in the Mountaintops of the Giants. He’s kinda hidden off a ledge a bit north of the graveyard on the way to Castle Sol.

  6. Blind gang lets go! I run almost the exact same set except I’ve got the Sanguine Noble chest on

  7. What's the purpose of those fluffy ball things?

  8. I’m not sure if I’m remembering right, but if you started as a Pyromancer and already had Fireball you might need to purchase it from Cornyx. I think the same thing happened to me

  9. Off-topic but, what retexture are you using?

  10. I'm using the Vibrant Pastoral recolour. It has an SVE patch as well that's a bit outdated (it's on a separate nexus page), but someone has made a hotfix in the comments of the patch.

  11. Oh sweet- thank you! I’m using Earthly something and I like it but it’s a touch too dark and one asset from SVE for the waterfalls isn’t retextured and just sticks out like a sore thumb haha! So this will be perfect!

  12. I love the design and layout! Are you a fan of Dune perchance?

  13. Thanks! I'm not actually, although I have been meaning to read the books. Why? Have I picked up and reused a name through osmosis?

  14. Yeah the planet it mostly takes place on is called “Arrakis” otherwise known as “Dune”. Funny coincidence, but I’d totally recommend giving the books a read if you’re looking for desert themed world-building inspiration!

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