1. He’s the rest of their fun facts if anyone is interested:

  2. The approximately same percentage who still claim Obama was born in Kenya and is a Muslim?

  3. I literally just printed this last week after 5 failed first attempts where just a couple segments kept coming loose. I tried 2 things at once.

  4. “I don’t read his tweets. I just let Trump be Trump”

  5. I should have just kept the original mounts when I switched to a slim PSU... I thought I did but can't find them.

  6. Random thought...a lot of libraries (at least by me) now offer 3d print services if you just pay for the filament. Might look into that if you can't duct tape/zip tie a temp solution.

  7. I was shopping for a Tesla but fuck that guy now.

  8. I had been wanting to buy a tesla for years before I found out what type of person musk really is (not to mention the build quality is apparently shit). After all this I'd rather shove a pack of D batteries up my ass and ride a bike everywhere.*

  9. With all due respect, did it really take you this long to realize what sort of person Musky-boy is? I can't be the only one to saw who he really was a long time ago, right?

  10. Looking forward to the shitshow in the House. Namely the oversight committee. Especially if they try to impeach Biden.

  11. My money is they're gonna try at least 3x to impeach him to break trumps record.

  12. It's pretty much "Dig up stupid!" for the next two fucking years....

  13. Koch brothers fund him and his organizations

  14. Yup there's an interview out there of him and a koch brother...basically a lemon party of ass kissing.

  15. No, his small internet banking company (X, I think he called it?) got brought into a merger with Peter Thiel’s company because it has some online banking tech or licensing or something that Thiel needed. He got made CEO not long after, pushed for a move from *nix servers to Windows NT, and was ousted within 6 months because all the actual tech experts were rightly horrified by that idea. The merged company later rebranded as PayPal, sold to eBay, and Musk walked away with about 150 million for his shares.

  16. Edit, I guess I shouldn't write on the decongestants then, I take it?

  17. While hilarious it wouldn't actually do anything since he's a senator.

  18. huh? It's ron for sure. rick scott is that other batboy harry potter enemy ahole.

  19. It's a joke, someone on CNN was calling him Rick DeSantis moments ago until corrected.

  20. Ah gotcha....Stephanie Miller (radio) was calling him rick at first too.

  21. Good lord, Twitter is a complete fucking mess after the checkmark downgrade.

  22. I believe it was Ohio. Court said the map was bad, but because it was too close to the election they let them use it for this one.

  23. Every time John Ralston opens his mouth or writes something, it's to throw cold water on Dem hopes for a CCM comeback.

  24. That's so weird since 538 (which you love) gave her a 97/100 chance of winning.

  25. What's the tray on the left side under your build plate?

  26. Why did Nevada flip red this year? And why did it not get the same kind of coverage as the elections in GA and PA? All I ever saw was that ppl expected it to be a toss up, but I never saw the dearth of articles about the race it the candidates that I saw for the PA and GA races.

  27. Well it's a ranked election system and over 50% of the votes been cast for republican candidates so she hasn't lost I don't think.

  28. I don't think the math is there based off the recent election but I agree technically it's not over yet.

  29. Why is it every time turmp opens his mouth it has the same shape as a hooker giving a blow job?

  30. Not to mention that stupid "invisible double handjob at the truck stop" dance he does.

  31. Everybody talks about this guy like he's the next trump but if you take him out of his safe spaces he's softer than the Pillsbury Doughboy. Weak little man with no spine. This sounds exactly like him.

  32. Hahaha all I can think of now is that tree house of terror where they thought Flanders killed his wife.

  33. In Ireland and UK basically every car on the road is a manual. If you pass the driving test in an automatic, your license doesn’t allow you to drive manuals. Is it the same in the US?

  34. Nope. Heck having a manual car is pretty much theft deterance cause nobody can drive it.

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