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  1. I don’t know why trains are mentioned before they were invented

  2. Not really . They had like one but no actual line of service

  3. I wonder how often one falls? If it started falling just a little bit, no way it could stop.

  4. That’s just it, it was as low pressure as I’ve ever done. After it starts, is there any way to stop it from splashing again?

  5. I'm sorry, I'm not understanding the question fully. What is slashing?

  6. Did you see the shitshow they had to take over from? And the remants of the pandemic?

  7. Are you kidding? They were handed thriving economy. Literally everything Biden and his so called administration has done has been an utter disaster. Not sure what planet your living on James. Btw, hows your stocks looking this year?

  8. Are you familiar with the infrastructure bill that we def need and would have been great for jobs and growth?

  9. Infrastructure bill for what?!? Nobody will be able to drive with gas prices the way they are! And you just said nobody wants the jobs anyway.

  10. Daily user here for nearly 20 years and I would gladly take any kind of IQ or competency test and compare me to my classmates who have never touched the stuff but think Biden has anything to do with gas prices and inflation.

  11. Hasn't that state and its retarded labels eroded and slid off into the pacific yet?

  12. If you can get it when it's not dry as Betty white's vagina then it's fire but man the last 3jars were like dust from king the tuts tomb. But it's my fav out of the few strains I like of theres now rosin they def got it together there.

  13. Hey! So I've got it working a bit better. I'm getting some vapor now. Still not what I was expecting. The whip definitely isn't filling with vapor. I get me from my hand held pod device. I also seem to burn through all the weed in like 5 hits. Idk. I feel dumb. I've never had such a problem with smoking weed before. I need to have someone show me that it's possible to get big hits in person, or just keep trying i guess... Thank you for checking in. That is really cool of you.

  14. No prob man, and less is more with an Arizer. Keep messing with small bowl loads so you're not using a ton until you can get it right. Hows your avb look after a session? Light brown with some spots of green or dark brown? Dark brown that easily falls out of the bowl when vaped is what you're looking for. Long EASY draws. You're looking to pull the air slowly thru the bowl. Longer slower draws at higher temps should have you blowing clouds. Make sure you're letting it warm up for atleaat 10mins too.

  15. I took every single one of those edibles you mentioned last week and I felt nothing. Not sure if I got a bad batch or what.

  16. I was eating edibles bags at a time. The only way now is me making them. Waste of $$ imo otherwise.

  17. I want to build an Attic fan on metal roof But I don't know how

  18. So cut a hole, set fan in and use caulking/sealer for water protection. Couple screws to keep it in place.

  19. Picked up this unit to clean years of gunk off the patio. It worked fantastic. The surface cleaner is a game changer and speeds things up. I did have to do a quick second pass with the turbo nozzle to get things It left behind.

  20. Pro tip: Full 1800psi to the FSC next time and it'll work even better! I have one rated at 2300-3300 and run it full boar with my 4k psi pressure washer. They're built to take a real beating. Using mine for 3 years now and no cracks in the plastic yet.

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