1. Kratom is more of a stimulant for me so I'd be in double trouble if trying to sleep

  2. I take about 3 grams of red before sleep usually

  3. Funny you say this.. I had 6g of red last night around 7pm and I was lights out hard by 9!

  4. The worst in Ohio is 200/oz. The crap in Michigan is 39/oz. I’d rather waste 39 that 200 😂

  5. Thank you, these folks want this program to work so badly. Not gonna happen any time soon. They have a strangle hold on these ohioans until they educate themselves on cannabis qualities/pricing nationwide.

  6. I can never get my depleted uranium to stay lit in the bong. Do you think my dealer is ripping me off by giving me regular uranium?

  7. Should've went with the agent orange strain! It's staying lit, and has a nice citrus taste to it! 🤣

  8. Guess what? Prices won’t get better at a different dispo. Just fyi

  9. Right? Its ALL the same shit, that ALL the other places sell in ohio.. too many palms to grease before it makes it to the consumer

  10. Same, I keep card to be "legal" even though it's just pot. Not like I'm shooting heroin or anything crazy dumb. Michigan every 2.5-3 months. Stick up for 2-3 months, go back. They have rec and med in Michigan, but med gets higher THC stuff supposedly. Like RSO syringes etc.

  11. Forreal I've been vaping high thca bud and 99% diamonds. Mixing up different terps with them from time to time. All legal..

  12. But haven't you heard?!? The demand isn't high enough for concentrates! It has nothing to do with the FACT that every damn product is double - if not triple - the cost it should be. /s

  13. What do you think of the uva Klutch is my fav , had uva last week and was a bit disappointed

  14. Yeah, I broke two already, third one is a charm since it holds up for 2 years now 😂

  15. Nice.. I've been rocking a 40 degree glass elbow from my arizer q for awhile now! Its awesome

  16. So mild compared to alcohol tho.. if you have issues drinking do whatever you gotta do to get that monkey off your back. Kratom withdrawls can be challenging.. but it's child's play and alcohol is a killer.

  17. I've went thru many alcohol withdraws. This guy is right 100 percent.. Kratom was a slight discomfort. Compare that to rocking in a fetal position for days until alcohol withdraws are over.

  18. Exactly. Not to mention you can die from it. Granted kratom will be different for everyone.. plus if you have no previous experience with addiction it might suck

  19. Absolutely.. Kratom is no doubt less harmful than alcohol but hopefully op knows.. it's just as addictive

  20. This happend to me when I started becoming dependent on krato. I had to take a step back for awhile. I was going thru about an oz every couple of days.

  21. Lexapro user here. Upped edible doses are the only way for me. I stopped using my SSRI a few months ago and edibles felt good again at a normal dose. Unfortunately, my mood was too unregulated so I had to get back on a low dose Lexapro. Usually about 500mg edibles will start to get me there. I've even tried consuming with multiple enzymes to see if that was the issue. The ssri plays a big role in muting edible effects forsure.

  22. I don't think strains mean much to them. I ordered agent orange and got buds that are loaded with a caryophyllene pepperness to it. Zero orange to it. Not bad bud.. just not what I wanted

  23. I remember back in February or so, they made a big fuss about their current stock of Laughing Buddha running out, and said there wouldn't be any more until the next harvest in the fall. The Laughing Buddha sold out, and the next week they sent out an email that it had been restocked, and have restocked it several times since then. I never did find out what happened with that, but I can only assume that they received a shipment of another budget flower that they felt they could pass off as Laughing Buddha. That's my leading theory anyways.

  24. Yeah, I've purchased from 3 other places since and have nothing but good things to say. I love having options these days.

  25. Go for it! That was my exact problem too. The hydrostones are definitely worth it. I kind of pour my bud around the outside edges of an old takeout container and then place the hydrostone in the center and close it up. I don’t know if it matters or not but I don’t let any bud actually touch the stone because I worry about over saturation and mold. Just don’t forget about it because you could definitely overdo it. My smalls from EHH take a few to several hours depending on the strain but I check them every 2 hours and then hourly once they start to regain some spring when squeezed. Then I’ll throw in a boost pack if I’m long-term storing.

  26. This sounds good. Thank you for the advice! Any recommendations on where to get the stone, or are they all about the same?

  27. I would just get it from Amazon for $4/3-pack plus tax. Mine were delivered next day. It’s possible may be cheaper elsewhere but I didn’t even look lol.

  28. Rhoto-V, for the eyedrops. Widely available and the best out there. My red eyes were the absolute worst of anyone's!

  29. There's a rosin near me from a dispo that has been at $150 for .84g for months.. grandpas breathstar or something like that.. I cringe thinking of all that bomb rosin drying out because they'd rather let it go bad than sell it at a reasonable price. Ohio sucks ass

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