1. Why is it so enjoyable to watch other people laugh even if it’s not that funny. Love this sub

  2. I’m almost on day 4. Literally 0 sleep last night, night before had some brief nightmares that lasted an hour or two. 11pm now and scared it will be another sleepless night…. I felt surprisingly ok for 0 sleep today, my eyes burned and were bloodshot as hell but I could hold a conversation with friend I hungout with.

  3. Day 3 zero sleep last night nervous same will happen tonight

  4. CTR Nitro Fueled. It hurts my hands. I just tried to get back into it today and while I had some good times against Oxide at Crash Cove, it still wasn’t enough.

  5. I’ve started going for the hardest trophies early for this reason

  6. Death Stranding. I can't bring myself to 5* 52 bases when my main motivation for playing the game was the story. I can't handle 30 hours of storyless deliveries.

  7. I regretted getting this one. I thought the whole game was ok, definitely not amazing to me. Doing all these grindy deliveries at the game was not a good experience. I got too far to give up tho, but wish I hadn’t ever tried tbh

  8. Yeah isn’t that how a story works???? I don’t like the direction they took the story and I feel like it kind of destroyed the characters completely and by the end nothing good came of it, all my favorite characters had been ruined and I don’t even care so much about the new ones.

  9. Your loss, but of course it your choice. You going to watch the HBO show?

  10. It’s not really my loss, I don’t care for the story so I don’t care for the game.

  11. You know the show follows the game? So those story bits you don’t like will be coming. There’s plenty of shows/games where a character I like dies. Doesn’t make it a bad experience. Maybe not a happy one, but still an experience worth having. This argument is old and done though. Take care.

  12. Hope you’re still doing good. I’m on day 3 now and feeling a bit better for sure just better mood for no reason. Laughing at things less zombie like. How’s day 5/6 going?

  13. You’ll be fine sounds like you have a good plan and you even tapered I always go CT

  14. I've been playing Atomic Heart, and candidly, I don't know what I think about it. Playing on Gamepass PC

  15. I finished it today there were multiple times I found the game so annoying I almost uninstalled. There were parts that were really interesting and the world design was cool if I could explore it without constant robots attacking me endlessly. Glad I finished it. This studio has a great future if they refine their skills.

  16. Just started it today 5 hours in it’s fun and I plan to finish it but feels really janky next to fromsoft and the graphics look really bad at times

  17. It’s definitely reminiscent of 2D Zelda games. I can see why people made that comparison. The only time consuming trophies that I can think of are the collectibles, because you have to do a lot of backtracking. For the collectibles, I would recommend using a guide because it can get kind of confusing trying to find them all. I found it best to wait until I beat the final boss to go and do all the collectibles.

  18. I turned it on too unfortunately I like hard games, got hollow knight platinum this one just felt kind of unfair. Also I didn’t like the game enough to struggle on a boss for hours

  19. The difficulty started to really annoy me later in the game and I turned on the assist mode. I hate using assist mode in games too lol. Besides that I though it was wonderfully designed 8.5/10

  20. I've never played Diablo, or these types of games so I gave it a try.

  21. It’s grindy by design, with people killing the same boss sometimes thousands of times hoping for a rare item. I could definitely see how it’s not for everyone.

  22. I did this for thousands of hours in Diablo 2 then again in Diablo 2 remastered, now I can do it again in Diablo 4 not that excited tbh. Will wait for reviews

  23. Image on the right is signalis? I played that game almost to the end got annoyed and quit. Pretty interesting if true tho

  24. Things will only get worse with a drink. I have trouble making friends too even though I’m pretty friendly even sober. Tons of acquaintances at gym, work even have their numbers, but i always have to reach out to them and I even asked for their numbers trying to make friends. I don’t even know what to do with them sometimes anyways, I’ve been working on this for almost two years in my new city so be patient! Alcoholic very impatient, we want it now and if we can’t get it we get upset and drink…

  25. What’s tadalafil do? Is citrulline worth taking? I just take preworkout, ec stack sometimes and protein powder. Mulitivitamins and green powder too. Stopped creatine when I began cutting

  26. No need to stop creatine while cutting. It’ll likely help you with your cut. Citrulline is worth taking if you enjoy getting a “pump” in the gym. It’ll help with the mind muscle connection and you’ll look pumped/big in the gym. Tadalafil is cialis, an ED medication, that helps with vasodilation and pumps.

  27. Lol I already have cialis for some performance anxiety with new chicks. Not sure I could take that in gym there’s some hotties, home gym maybe. I think there might be citrulline in my preworkout have to check later.

  28. It would be called a no hit door, meaning you don’t get hit and get rewarded for it

  29. Ya I’m retarded thought it was one of those doors down by the training room door, I haven’t opened all of them.

  30. Literally no one asks me and I’m in my 30s family and close friends know I am, but that’s it. Is it just me or is that question a bit inappropriate? I would only ask a girl I wanted to date. My friends I would already know if they are or not so wouldn’t ask them.

  31. I’d be careful co workers will act amazing and cool about you drinking to your face. Then behind your back tell hr you were drunk at work. Or even worse blame you for everything that goes wrong.

  32. Sales isn’t a real skill so anyone can do it long as they’re ok with trading dignity for money

  33. I was "flipping burgers" and am now in tech sales. I mean I ran kitchens and now sell restaurant software but same shit lol.

  34. Bdr is just a good entry point with any company, if you show good work ethic and don’t do terrible after a year or so you can transfer to customer success, marketing or management/AE.

  35. This podcast with Joe Rogan and a sleep expert talks about this phenomenon.

  36. I’m on day 3 and feel pretty crap still. I look so bad trying to avoid mirrors and people. Crazy how much damage a 6 day binge drinking/eating junk can affect you. Hope this is my last relapse and congrats on day 2 for you. Iwndwyt

  37. Congrats to you too. I actually do the gym and have a decent diet. But every time I quit I always go awhile sober and feel great and then I think I can drink in moderation. It goes well for awhile and then it doesn't. I'll still workout and eat healthy but then have a bottle of wine on an empty stomach or trusty ole vodka and then another and then feel like I got hit by a truck. I see smokers and think "how can you do that to your body?". I'm no better.

  38. I’m a gym rat when I get sober but once I get going on drinking I’ll start drinking early in the day and can go on binge for several days. I might even try doing my normal 5 mile run later but not sure I’m detoxed enough yet.

  39. If I was to drink a beer sure I could control it and just drink one. But that’s all I would think about for the next couple of days. Then Friday comes along and I think “might as well grab a six pack since I’m doing so well”. And before I know it I’m getting a six pack everyday. So I just refuse to drink at all. I’m seeing lots more people talking about “slipping” and how it’s no big deal. Well to me just one would be a huge mistake. I’m glad it worked out for you though!

  40. It’s just not worth the risk for me anymore, that buzz from having a drink with dinner isn’t worth the risk of it leading to more duis, lost jobs etc… there’s the recovery terms “play the tape forward” and giving yourself “petty permissions” that apply to this.

  41. I appreciate your recommendations. I don't think Intermittent fasting Is for me but knowing more about the mechanics can provide insight into health overall. Thanks

  42. It’s not for everyone if you found something that works for having a successful cut stick to it!

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