1. Silver is a code share partner for United so you should be able to check in for your itinerary on the United app for both flights. You would go to the Silver ticket counter to check your bags. Verify when you check in at FLL but they should check your bags all the way to Chicago so you won’t have to claim them and re-check in MCO

  2. Thanks! Will my check-in on the United app count as a check-in for Silver, or will I separately check-in when I get to the Silver counter at FLL?

  3. I'd say two hours a day is pretty solid work! Just make sure over time that you're spending your time wisely, doing things and applying methods that work for you specifically. Also don't forget to have fun! I've been doing ~3h a day for the last couple of months and I'm really satisfied with my progress and before that, when I was just starting, I probably averaged to 1-3h per day. Of course, our background and learning styles may be different, but five months of 2h/day will give you solid 300 hours, which surely will make some difference! So just 加油!

  4. Thank you for the response! Do you have a primary learning tool (like a program or book) that you use to learn?

  5. Hi there my brothers and sisters! After some contact and a thorough consultation I decided to schedule a FUE HT with Hairline International, Tbilisi Georgia (the country, not state).

  6. Do you live in Georgia? I’m asking because that’s a really low price, but I wonder if that is due to you being from Georgia?

  7. No, I am not but my girlfriend is. She lives with me and went to college and works here in Belgium though. There aren't that many direct flights and actually had a stop in Istanbul ironically enough. Otherwise, I can't imagine ever thinking of Georgia. Her uncle who I met a couple of years ago had one done though there.

  8. Thanks for the detailed reply. That’s interesting because you’re Belgian so the cost savings was definitely a lot. Will be interesting to see how it all turns out; good luck!

  9. It’s weird how much broscience gets posted when it comes to post-op hair transplant care. I think part of the problem is that there has been little study on hair transplants scientifically, so clinics kind of give extra precautious advice “just to be safe”. This is one of few studies I have seen on graft anchoring:

  10. Typically the pre shed look is the best case scenario, although I could see that not being the case for someone who had an early shed (before and during the removal of the scabs). Density differences are common between native and transplanted hairs, but these differences are minimized when the hair is a bit longer (~2 inches).

  11. I found it interesting as well! I wish there were more studies done on hair transplants. I’m on Day 71 and would love to see a study done on month-by-month hair growth.

  12. I haven’t seen any new growth yet, but I’m very optimistic. Don’t really have any redness on my scalp anymore. And thanks for posting that! It’s super helpful to see how some guys have progressed with their hair transplant.

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