1. I miss the calendars that thisiskitta made

  2. When was the Esther weapon realesed?

  3. My cheapest out of 14 5x3 including boomks were eo soulfist Fp artillerist Loyal companion sharpshooter(boot took 1 full month just having the actual items to exist) Pistoleer deadeye Bt zerker

  4. What engravings did you use in soulfist?

  5. After yesterday's situation I've decided to always bring my laptop to work, now I won't miss any of the fun you guys have.

  6. I logged in via geforce now mobile.

  7. Did you open ticket and what they said?

  8. or they failed to remove it

  9. AGS: We are sorry. Here is your 10x vitameow

  10. How many members doing tranquil? We are 6 and it takes 7-8 minutes

  11. Does any reward after getting 1250?

  12. Have you done it before? Do many people want to join? I’m asking this for we are gonna make learning party as well but I’m afraid no one wants to join.

  13. From my experiences with clown just pump your ilvl a bit and people don't check shit. I did learning parties for about 10 hours in g3 for clown once I was confident I just joined a couple reclears and we ended up clearing and no one checked me at all because my ilvl.

  14. Reclear parties might be looking at your set level for now.

  15. is the island permeant or event based?

  16. Hope someone made stickers with these

  17. https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkcustomization/

  18. What’s stronghold trophy?

  19. Nvm i just hit 1370 and it unlocked lvl 3

  20. Did you get the reward as well?

  21. I think it’s most cost efficient for special items in KR.

  22. Are we getting patch or ordinary maintenance?

  23. Able to resize buff/debuff icons

  24. I’m in EUC and I have same issue

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