1. This is not true from my experience, literally check my last post

  2. If you want a great NH strain, try the Grape Diamonds. I swear it is the most flavorful flower I’ve ever had and love the effects too.

  3. Their double krush, rainbow chip and chocolatina have never let me down either

  4. As a grower in New England, this is the bane of my existence. Makes me want to give up on outdoor growing to be honest. I've tried 6 'resistant' strains so far and almost without fail get at least some mold.

  5. Dude same, did a nice outdoor grow this year and everything turned out beautiful, until I broke open the colas and there was mold like ops pic.

  6. I love growing them. Just being out there, the smells, seeing them get big and all that. I'll probably keep growing but stop spending so much time and money and just maken it an extension of the vegetable garden.

  7. I totally agree man, it’s something I genuinely enjoy spending time doing and it’s like a punch in the gut because I don’t even know where I went wrong.

  8. I don’t even get what you are implying, why would a begging livestream popping up in someone’s feed imply that they were “searching for super odd shit”?

  9. And you are probably searching very odd shit. Look everyone knows how TikTok works. Its has nothign to do with time of day. IT doesnt just start showing me random quilting videos bc its "late at night" after ive watched fishing videos all day. Not how an algorithm works.

  10. Why are you acting like you got something to hide? Something you wanna talk about man?

  11. If it herms late enough in flower you can be left with a shit ton of mini seeds that are nearly impossible to pick all out. You can still smoke that but it completely ruins the flavor and can be harsh smoke

  12. There’s so much AMAZING bud in MA right now for under $150/oz .. I couldn’t imagine wasting $60 on an 8th

  13. Yeah 60 dollars for less than 4gs of weed is a huge ripoff, care sharing some of those good ounce deals?because I rarely find them and when I do it’s horrible weed also

  14. I ain’t even gonna lie this makes me sad, always wanted to try Cookies cuz the hype. I guess you just saved me some money. I pray you find better smoke 🥲

  15. Some cookies strains are actually not bad but don’t get any in MA

  16. If you're going to write a melody with Kick, I think the tone of your voice is important. Kick basically consists of two parts: transient and tail. If the tail is not very long, the tone doesn't matter. It doesn't sound bad, though. But if you have to constantly write different notes with that Kick then it's important to tone the Kick or any drum. I hope I was able to explain.

  17. Also say your root note is F#, tuning your kick to f#5 might make it too high pitched to sound good and f#4 might be too deep where it muddies everything up

  18. In the winter they come into the warm house, it is a stink bug that doesn’t bite, but has many rigid and wierd feeling bodyparts that can come off as a bite, best way to kill it is to catch it and put it in a ziploc bag, then use a marker to slowly press the life out of it and cause as much pain as possible, until it is paper thin and surrounded by bright green and yellow juices.

  19. Curious as to what made you want to post this

  20. you type in keywords into a bot and it generates an image then you use said image to farm imaginary points on reddit

  21. Rhythm tastes bad ,bad cure imo never again gelato and sour diesel Ozs were horrible .

  22. I’ve had their diesel and it wasn’t the worst I’ve had but not the best

  23. Fr it wouldn’t be hard to invest in a fucking garbage can and some trash bags, stick it in the corner of the room and throw your god damned garbage into it

  24. Literally under $40 total and you wouldn’t have to live in filth for 12 hrs a day

  25. And when the trash bag is full take it outside and swap with a new bag, an actual 10 year old is capable of doing this I don’t get how a 27 year old isn’t

  26. There’s loads of different types, you should check out how colourful

  27. Unfortunately the vomit makes me think poison as well. I worked in animal hospitals for years and there’s a couple of ailments that can cause kittens to die, but they are either quite evident (upper respiratory infections that cause their eyes to crust shut, snotty noses, lethargic), or “fading kitten syndrome” which is pretty much what it sounds like (fades from healthy into sickly and passes away quietly). None of the big ones cause sudden death or vomiting like that. Further, the odds of all of them dying within 48 hours is suspicious.

  28. Jeremy Wade really went off the deep end after River Monsters got cancelled

  29. A lot of companies don’t even show terp % but I have had a few batches of different strains from Natures heritage that tested around 3-4%

  30. Not good looking weed but at the same time I have seen great looking weed that crumbles into dust and smells like cardboard and kinda dark and shitty looking weed that actually tastes like it has terps, so looks don’t mean everything in my books

  31. Insane trichome production on those fan leaves

  32. I once bought 3 carts off them, one was actually pretty good and the other two sucked. The inconsistency made me not want to buy from them again

  33. If you listen quietly, you can hear the plant talking...

  34. This plant isn’t even that unhealthy compared to a lot of the ones I see posted on here, it just wasn’t close enough to a light and probably not trained properly

  35. 1000 watt roleadro and fox farm happy soil, I have liquid fertilizer I was gonna give it a small dose of “grow” later today

  36. I don’t think that light is a true 1000w if it’s one of those $100ish dollar ones off amazon. Also is your plant an auto or photo? Because that can help determine your end yield

  37. It was literally 4 days. I treated them with neem a week before be I found like 6 on one of the plants. The person looking after them raised the heat in the house and didn’t refill the humidifier.

  38. You probably just didn’t notice them as they are seriously tiny, like really hard to see with the naked eye most of the time.

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