1. Just bought a 2022 toyota and had to reserve one out of state and drive it back. Could not find any dealership in louisville that knew what they were having coming in. There’s not tons of new cars being made and delivered right now. People are buying them in transit and you’ll have to as well likely if you want to buy brand new. Even buying out of state I had to wait 3ish weeks for it to come in.

  2. I would say fullness in general in the glutes, but especially the outer glute. Maybe more hamstring development. I agree with the comment about the hair maybe just a little too long and covering some of those hard earned glutes but nonetheless you look incredible! congrats!❤️ I also think you’d look crazy good in emerald green!

  3. I would be so embarrassed to pull up in a G wagon and ask for a sample of fries that cost a few dollars. 🤡

  4. Baptist Louisville. I have worked with numerous physicians affiliated with Baptist and worked at Baptist myself for many years and think overall they meet a lot of marks. Their outpatient clinics are phenomenal too. I would stay away from Norton Audubon at all costs. As a healthcare worker I’ve heard so many horror stories from patients regarding their family members. No personal experience with them but not somewhere I would take myself or my family members.

  5. I think at some point you can hear horror stories about any hospital. My family has been going to Norton audobon for decades with no complaints.

  6. Hey of course every hospital has bad occurrences and situations! I just seem to hear them from there more often than anywhere else. Personally have not used them!

  7. For those mentioning Mortenson family dental, their LaGrange location is the ONLY location that accepts any type of kentucky medicaid at the moment. Speaking from experience. I drive the whole way there every 6 months for teeth cleanings because it’s my only option.

  8. There is TONS of physicians kids who go to Centre. They can afford it lol

  9. This is just incredibly inconsiderate to disabled people with service dogs. Even if your dog is friendly it’s not right.

  10. I’ve done almost every prep through school, even finals. My best advice is to try to get your work and studying done before your workout if possible. Usually by the time i’m done with my workout i’m as brain dead the rest of the day.

  11. i can’t get over how different she looks without lashes

  12. You can cross over. National qualifications run the same way as pro in the sense once you’re qualified you can do whatever division

  13. I believe they drop the NPC national schedule and IFBB schedule like november-ish time

  14. As a fellow rave dad to me doing some serious cut before a rave is actually kinda dangerous. Typically festivals are filled with drugs, heat, and dehydration. Add that into being lean or shredded and low cals. Good luck.

  15. i think just the fact that she’s not in season and has dark hair now is the simplest biggest change

  16. He literally DM’d me once and asked why I liked a comment that was talking about him negatively. ALL I DID WAS LIKE A COMMENT. 💀

  17. i couldn’t believe he was spending his time not only DMing the people who commented but also the people who just liked the comments 💀

  18. It’s really cool to see Iulia back at Fit Show! She was an amateur at it last year, won the overall, then turned pro two weeks later at NAs. Now she’s back as a pro🥺

  19. I personally think he needs his own flair. Or everyone head to the

  20. he doesn’t allow for body shaming but he allows people to bully his targets in the comments of his posts? the math ain’t mathing

  21. I’m gonna have to unfollow her after this one. Talking out of her ass. When if she dug a little deeper she’d realize how not normal he runs his athletes preps in terms of food and cardio

  22. So… do we think Goob will cover this?

  23. NOPE lol was just coming here to say this. they are friends and goob doesn’t out friends

  24. my favorite thing is that instagram followers support her but she usually is ripped apart on tiktok where her audience is much more vast

  25. Trust me i’m not a fan of tay but I think most of us look different from 24 to 29. I think tay is someone who hasn’t really had a lot of work done. I don’t like her business practices but I think she’s always been a pretty girl. Granted I don’t follow Fitbykiki

  26. god’s word funny enough never mentions abortion once

  27. As someone who’s been to the ED before for migraines the cocktail they give you in your IV (usually decadron, compazine, benadryl) is enough you cannot drive yourself home let alone go to the gym. What did they give this girl Tylenol?

  28. I dont even follow Carla or Ashley, but i’m appreciative of the effort of this edit 🤣

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