1. Remove the stench talent, be more careful with your fire.

  2. Mean streets is so underrated and under appreciated. Just my take.

  3. Don’t forget deploying paintings as portable walls to block enemy movement or make sneaking/theft easier.

  4. Yeah but aren’t they worth a good amount and the enemies will surely just destroy them?

  5. Just being honest with my picks. I mean I could throw some Silent film from the 1900s in their, and there really are some that I like! But if I am being honest with myself they dont evoke the same emotions that these do.

  6. I know torneko redeems himself in the end but didn’t he kind of want to leave his fam and go on adventures ? Besides pankraz is one of the most badass and stoic characters of the franchise so it’s easy

  7. I never expected to cry in an ozu film But the ending shot of late spring got me.

  8. Absolutely. “Play on the sands” from sonatine is my favorite one.

  9. do you think i'd like that film of his? hanabi was mediocre to me

  10. I highly enjoyed it and I’m not as much of a fan of hanabi either. I think sonatine is the best of his films.

  11. This is a found art object I found you in the reflection.

  12. Perfect timing, finished the game few days ago. Am now playing Dishonored 2 ^

  13. 6- and “Pegasus” is probs my favorite song in the series

  14. Looks good but mr King would disapprove im sure lol. Jk.

  15. Posts like these make me wish I kept my dq games - my how they’ve spiked in value..

  16. Watch what you want to but no those aren’t good Christian material lol.

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