1. Don't knock the cauliflower rice if you haven't tried the Chipotle rice knockoff! Rice + cilantro + lime juice + salt, top it off with some pico de gallo, sliced up steak, etc. Super filling and great (and I normally hate the cauliflower rice)

  2. I made this two days ago and my somewhat picky wife told me it was one of the best things I've ever cooked and we both wolfed down the leftovers the next day:

  3. Can't wait to see '23 Fields, pretty crazy what kind of 180 he did from early season.

  4. Rather have tlaw. Fields wont last long if he doesnt get help lol

  5. Guess it’s a good thing they have insane cap space and a top 2 pick

  6. If the game is cancelled, the NFL isn’t counting the stats.

  7. I’m down 30 points with Josh Allen and my appointment has Dawson Knox. It was doable but unlikely. I’m the comish so not really sure what to do

  8. Offer to split, otherwise you’re probably out of luck, especially as commish

  9. Should I concede? I got Allen and he got Singletary. Projected to lose. Currently down by 26 points. Shitty situation, but I've had bigger comebacks all season so im conflicted.

  10. Of course this game will be played in the very near future and it needs to be played as it affects fantasy football championships, other NFL teams and the actual playoffs. I don't know why people think it's insensitive to discuss what's going to happen now.

  11. There's nothing wrong with discussing it and agree people shouldn't be shouting down people trying to sensitively discuss it, but this:

  12. you're saying the game needs to be played after someone died on the field and was resuscitated because of fantasy football - that would be cringe regardless of the place it was said

  13. Commish here. One team is down 0.5 points with Josh Allen left to play. Gonna wait and see what the NFL decides here but if the game is canceled or considered complete or whatever is it safe to say that the team with Josh Allen should get the win?

  14. I don’t think you can “force” a win, especially if the Allen team was losing. Would hope they’d agree on a compromise.

  15. I’m up 22.5 with Mixon on the other guys team left to play. I was projected 80% going into the game and looking at Mixons average it’s very likely he wouldn’t have exceeded 22 points.

  16. Put two names on the trophy, just buy two rings for one year (or if there’s just one that goes around to the winner, someone let one guy have it, are you guys really wearing this thing out and about?)

  17. I went up 2 after the burrow TD. Him and chase still playing

  18. I mean if they cancel the game, you might technically lose on the platform

  19. I mean that’s kind of just how fantasy goes, sometimes you lose because of freak accidents. Seems weird to make an exception in this case. Just my opinion.

  20. A game potentially getting cancelled or moved back a week, changing the players who would actually play in it, is a bit more than “that’s just the way it goes” or a normal injury.

  21. not trusting any of them if I can avoid it - Vegas has them as a -3 favorite which is way lower than it would otherwise be. I'd be tiebreaking with other players in the same tier as Lawrence, Kirk, Etienne. Probably still start Engram unless I had another great TE.

  22. my feeling is that the minute you start thinking a 2022 Giants receiver is a safe play, they're giving you a 2-point game that week

  23. Sounds like he wants the Saints to plan for Hurts when hea gonna play my Minshew...

  24. Sounds like he wants the Saints to plan for Hurts and Minshew when he's gonna play my Ian Book

  25. I would have been kinda down on Henry with Dobbs at QB against Dallas. Haskins is a desperate dart throw but who knows, crazier shit has happened.

  26. Fields is obviously a rusher first but I'd feel way better about his outlook on Sunday if he's got these two back

  27. They can beat the Rams without Ekeler.

  28. the Rams just dropped 50 on Denver, I really doubt they're taking it lightly

  29. Is this good or bad for Ekeler?

  30. limited on Weds/Thurs isn't really notable, especially toward the season's end. if he's limited on Friday and goes into Sunday questionable, maybe there's something to look at.

  31. Why? I don’t really get the Juju hate - as a WR3, you’ve got a floor around 3-30 and a ceiling around 8-100-1. He’s not elite but he’s pretty solid in the back half of your lineup.

  32. Toney had two targets last game lol

  33. Wouldn’t expect it, that drill is them hitting the QB with pads in his hands and chest. No impact on a start/sit.

  34. Lol other QBs don’t have a bum shoulder. I would have been stunned if he was taking shots to the shoulder in a practice.

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