1. As much as I love Nahida, I would've preferred if her design looked more South Asian/ Middle Eastern. Considering Sumeru forest region is based off those cultures. Same with the playable characters and npcs.

  2. I love this story and your fan art. The female lead is amazing.

  3. Can I add you? I need thunder manifestations for Sara.

  4. I quickly became homophobic, hating on gays became apart of my lifestyle.

  5. I really love it! The manhwa is so good, so I really wish the fandom would be larger so there would be more fan work and discussion about it.

  6. This poll made me realize how great a merchant would be as a ML. They have the desirable traits most of us are attracted to with much less of the drawbacks. A influential merchant ML would have power, wealth, and freedom which would be extended to you by being with him. Imagine traveling the world and being able to spend all the money you have whatever you desire, why don't we have more merchant ML's???

  7. Okay, but I have a prison realm.

  8. I wasn't interested when I first saw it, but after trying it out when I was bored I read it and got obsessed with it.

  9. All of you need to be sprayed with holy water 🔫

  10. If you say you support gender equality, but not feminism, means you don't understand what gender equality is in the first place. There are going to be bad people in every type of group. Overgeneralizing the group because of a handful of bad people doesn't fix the problem. In fact, it makes it worst by portraying that group as a caricature instead of a nuanced thing, which leaves no room for discussion or encourages critical thinking.

  11. I like the other sister better. Even if she was supposed to be evil, the sister killed her husband for the approval of her fiance. If she didn't marry her sister's husband she would've been put in a nunnery. Was she just supposed to act like a saint and be punished for something her sister did?

  12. "Make me a sandwich" is really an insult to the person saying it. You want someone to make a sandwich because you're to lazy to make one yourself? How is that an insult?

  13. If you reversed the genders, she would be the ML in a OI who killed the FL because OG FL was secretly evil and brainwashed him, but still gets with the FL because he is an illegitimate child and has trauma.

  14. Sometimes people on Reddit feel so cynical they almost seem innocent. I know there are a lot of far-fetched stories, but this isn't one of them. Some people aren't logical, once they have their mind set to one belief you can rarely change it. You can't reason with someone who isn't thinking straight if they don't want to try.

  15. I remember seeing her videos and I love her personality, she's so energetic! Her outfits are nice too.

  16. Aki with the camera in front of his face in the fourth pic kinda reminds me of his form as the gun fiend.

  17. I'm type 5, but I love the looks for type for!

  18. Uh, what are you talking about 🙄 It's obviously his little sister Koharu.

  19. Amazon roasted your taste in books by sending a reading comprehension book.

  20. It's honestly scary how some people on social media can be do detached from reality. Especially how unstable their mindsets become. What she did was very wrong, but the fact people want for her entire life to be ruined instead of her actually fixing her mental health. I know it was very sentimental piece, but they act like she's a murderer with the type of punishment they're asking for.

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