1. Having my evenings stolen from me because I’m chained to an easy chair with a glass in my hand. Having my mornings stolen from me because of the hangover. Having my life stolen from me because a lot about my marriage and kids I don’t really remember.

  2. I have to keep steeled when I quit because for me the hard stuff hits at 2 or 3 months. I hope you continue to have smooth sailing.

  3. The worst is keeping a bottle in the garage or the basement so you can refill your glass “with nobody knowing.”

  4. Whenever I've quit I have massive fatigue at about 3 weeks, and often headaches too. It goes away and comes back, especially after 2 or 3 months. Sometimes that has caused me to throw in the towel and drink again just to feel "normal" but then the cycle starts again.

  5. Diet tonic & lime juice, Bloody Mary mix with water, cherry juice with water in a wine glass, hop water, tea.

  6. I sometimes wonder if that “one more blackout night” could be the one time that leads to a real disaster or being unable to help my family in an emergency situation. I’ve been playing with fire all these years getting myself in a condition where I could cause real trouble. Life is hard enough when not incapacitated!

  7. Thank you for this! A beautiful morning is always a validation that it was the right decision to not drink the night before.

  8. I’m sure that in the same situation I would either be miserable at the party or give in. I can usually do ok where alcohol is present but not where it is the focus. Early in the game (as I am again now) I’d bail on the party because my health/life/future is more important.

  9. This is my only Reddit account. While I read some other subs sometimes, I have only posted to SD. The other subs it just seems like everything turns into a fight and I already have too much drama in my life.

  10. Every work cocktail party I’ve been to in the last few years has soft drinks and Perrier for those who don’t want alcohol.

  11. If it’s Day One again then you did learn!!! ❤️❤️ you got this.

  12. I’ve relapsed for many months before putting on the brakes so I think that 12 days is an improvement and I need to be positive!

  13. Hey, I did 101 days sober and relapsed and allowed it to take me into a dreadful 3 months spiral that landed me with severe gut pain, a regretful birthday, and honestly just pure days of depression.

  14. Thank you for the encouragement. I’m looking forward to having a clear head again.

  15. I've had lots of "Day 1s." We keep doing a day. Maybe 2. Maybe it catches on. The thing is that we are trying. Don't give up. Give it another try!

  16. Any major chain grocery stores carry em? Where can I find em?

  17. Sometimes they’re by the beer, sometimes by the seltzer, sometimes the store has none and no idea what you’re talking about if you ask!

  18. For me it would be the bar, not the choice of drink, that might cause a relapse. I hear what you’re saying about the carby thing. I might have one NA beer (I like Sam Adams NA IPA) with dinner but I’d never have a few, any more than I’d have a few cans of Coke. And frankly, friends or not, the last place I’d be these days is a bar; for me that’s just asking for trouble no matter what’s in my glass.

  19. I was doing well but I’m getting cravings lately for a scotch on the rocks or a wine with dinner. I think it’s autumn causing it, the days getting cooler and darker. it does sound unbelievably good but I know what would happen next and that’s unbelievably bad for me. best wishes getting through this!

  20. This bothered me more the first couple of times I quit. I just skipped those events where drinking was central. Even now I’d probably skip a bachelor party but would go to a wedding reception.

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