No one I know in real life would care if I told them this, so I’m putting it here: I just 100%d Mario 3D World. I had to tell someone. Anyone. Champion’s Road took weeks.

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  1. thank you for your work! loving this series so far

  2. and they never get any better all the way through college unfortunately

  3. loving the frequent releases, this one is pretty interesting so far and I hope it sticks the ending which usually makes or breaks mystery stories like this

  4. oh shit, after finding out this is a spinoff of the cult one I’m really interested in seeing where this goes especially with the sister’s power level relative to the world, because the main series gets kinda crazy real fast

  5. aside from everything else, I really like this world’s explanations of standard fantasy beings like vampires and incubi/succubi as pseudo-immortals, it doesn’t really deviate from regular behavior of these creatures but somehow makes it seem more cohesive within the world structure

  6. congrats! I’ve been working towards 100% playing with my sister but we’ve been stuck on champions road for honestly months now, not sure if we’ll keep going but after seeing this might just give it another try

  7. after finding out his reason for his romcom obsession, this boy needs therapy

  8. Magical Explorer has a similar premise albeit more ecchi and doesn’t have too many chapters out either

  9. I think you just made me realize something about myself

  10. 100% Beelzebub is gonna win now, with this chapter revealing that he wants to die miserably to atone for his past I bet Tesla dies but teaches him the joy of life and to live on making new discoveries and teaching them to others a la science

  11. That man is a gem. Had a prof like that where he gave us his pdf, so if you wanted to print it you could.

  12. Love the professors that care about actually educating the students instead of making easy money, I remember one that stopped the lecture recording to tell us where to pirate it for free

  13. art reminds me of , if not, probably h, so ask on

  14. can confirm it’s chapter 33 of witches of adamas

  15. It's a "what if" scenario that is done as extra chapters at the end of each novel, where he stops Marie from messing things up from the start and things develop between them that way.

  16. They still are siblings from their previous lives, but neither of them realize it unlike in the main story

  17. I thought they just caught up to raws, but Korean scans are at 48 chapters so I guess not, hope this gets updated soon

  18. Its nice seeing calm moments like these after the emotional rollercoaster

  19. wait what? I thought this was a chill wholesome romance

  20. If they are already dead, I would like such a shift from action to mystery. Why did the Saints lie?

  21. I like this, especially with him saying his purpose in killing dragons is to protect people this chapter it seems like a natural challenge towards his purpose

  22. the final twist at the end of the manga will be that the gods and Mato are working together, staging attacks and causing problems so they can keep getting public funding and split the money

  23. I'd recommend starting with Hogfather! It's many peoples favourite book, its holiday themed, and it features an appearance of said magitech computer.

  24. is there any kind of reading order or are the books all readable standalone?

  25. inb4 they visit families and find out they’re long-lost siblings

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