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  1. That football analogy is horribly wrong. Binary search is used on sorted arrays. Not to mention, you don’t scan the whole half side before deciding which way to go.

  2. I cannot stress this enough: every single one of you is insufferable. You all think you’re better than everyone else for doing something very popular, and you’re not even that good at what you do. You’re not even special in how unspecial you are. You are so mid.

  3. Yes I noticed this. I had to do a reinstall of idea. But I’m also having a slight lag issue with it too that’s why I reinstalled.

  4. The safest way to save user data that needs to survive a page refresh is probably in a cookie with samesite set to strict.

  5. so what you’re suggesting does sound good for the most part. but yea, if the token expires i will need the creds again because i’m pretty sure there are no refresh tokens.

  6. have you been living under a rock? FE and BE is very widely used

  7. For some reason I always remember that cheer that goes

  8. Gow cons: the voice actor for kratos is terrible. He sounds bad like when Christian bale does the Batman voice

  9. Without a doubt it’s red dead redemption 2. It’s not even a competition. That game had such an amazing level of detail and thought put into it. When it launched it was years ahead of everything (still is). It truly felt next gen and was a small preview of what games could be. That game is an experience that every gamer should… experience

  10. I really didn’t like the voice actress for Panam. She was way too bubbly

  11. If it’s a more static site seems like a better choice these days

  12. So go inside tent and start jerking off to increase breathe output

  13. Deep rock galactic enters the room. Way better than l4d

  14. Don’t count out digital ocean. I find their UI and everything to be simple and easy to understand

  15. You could make that argument about video games as well, why do you even care? It's just entertainment

  16. We as a society are too concerned with entertainment. I think it plays a big part in why many people get nowhere in life

  17. Entertaining yourself is part of being human, it's not just our's every society in human history. Video games, movies, music and sports aren't the reason people get nowhere in life, it's actually quite the opposite.

  18. You’re conflating creating content with consuming content. What a weird take. Those areas take people to high places when they are creators not consumers.

  19. I wasn't even aware that he was black. I just heard about a shooter who bought his firearm shortly before he committed the act.

  20. Because anytime a black person commits a newsworthy type of crime, their race is never mentioned in the headline and sometimes not even in the article.

  21. Ideally that’s how it should be, unless the crime itself is racially motivated I guess. A mugshot will tell you more if youre curious.

  22. Well deserved for Santa Monica for this epic. There’s things you can nitpick, however it is a culmination of a great studio crafting a great experience with love.

  23. Yes I did! I’m so offended I got a lot of negative internet points from a bunch of pussies!!!

  24. Seriously... So disappointing...feels like these awards are hype driven as opposed to what actually makes a good game.

  25. Fallen order was very minimal imo. I don’t see how a game like that would take as long as something like god of war

  26. Honestly… I like JavaScript. I mostly use typescript but I still enjoy using it. Sure it has weird and unintuitive quirks sometimes but I like how easy it is to use and the features it has. First class functions, object literal syntax, object destructuring, lambda (although I wished it used kotlin’s form)

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