1. thc shouldn’t even been an issue at any job imo what you do outside of work shouldn’t matter

  2. If they DCd and never came back then he got banned. When someone gets banned mid-game their character gets insta-tpd back to base.

  3. Personally, I believe Bacchus deserves his escape bc he dodged that ult real good.

  4. tbh fair enough, i was mad at myself for not waiting for his jump

  5. Yeah everytime I try to look for my phone in the dark with the flashlight I forget it's in my hand🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. bro i’ll deadass be on my phone, set it in my lap and proceed to wonder where i put it

  7. i drink it cold usually, didn’t have any ice in this time but the glass chills really nice .

  8. over an ounce no way i’m paying a full $10/g

  9. haven’t bought in a bit, so i was hella excited when i saw how good these nugs look

  10. I can’t smoke weed without adding tobacco. I know it’s harmful but kinda makes the weed more subtle.

  11. i vape menthol pods bad habit but 100x better while high

  12. Depends on the company. 2-3 people, a 3.5 should suffice. 4 or more, everybody has to bring at least 3.5 and a pack of backwoods. All leftovers must stay 😂😂 Just me alone, 2 Palmas is the go to. #cbf4life

  13. also i forgot to answer the second question cuz i’m very high, i like grinding my weed up in the grinder 99% of the time and the cones seem to take the perfect amount of weed for the size i want them. smoking bowls is normal and quickest way for me to smoke and head back inside .

  14. What have you been playing? I just picked up Dying Light 2, which is creepy as fuck to play while high.

  15. i play the moba SMITE and Rainbow Six Siege on PC

  16. sometimes it makes me worse, sometimes it turns me into an unstoppable god

  17. I vote Thursday. Closer to the weekend, but not Friday, but way better than Monday.

  18. thursday is my “friday” so i second this.

  19. The kill continues to be passed from Ganesha to Ganesha in an infinite loop, unraveling the very foundations of the server, and crashing Smite once and for all. Do not attempt.

  20. if this is what i have to do to stop playing this game

  21. Bacchus laugh spam is always acceptable. Same with sock puppetyr, Rama, Cupid bee, and other chad laughs.

  22. or chaac saying “look at the little girl “

  23. One tip with merlin is that in a lot of scenarios using your 1 then 2 in arcane will keep them in the 1 for longer and do more damage. Obviously there are situations for both, but I wouldn't get fixated on only using your 2 first

  24. the next couple games I played I started figuring that out. Thanks for the advice!

  25. No problem. When you get really confident you can 1>2 in arcane 3 2 2>1 fire and that will kill anyone late. I have roughly 11 stars on merlin and played him exclusively to masters last season. There are so many variations and out plays to be made with him.

  26. I was the exact same way, I grinded my butt off and constantly got plat 2 , plat 1 even one season when hooters were a huge issue on console I was 3-4 games off of diamond and lost a huge amount of games from the servers being attacked. I finally hit diamond in Void Edge, it was the most satisfying thing ever. I haven’t played siege much recently but it brings back great memories.

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