1. I didn't get a single request :sweat: I'd like your help! :D

  2. Added you from Brazil! My Nick ingame is Poldin19 :)

  3. I actually recently looked at some plushies for Halloween in curiosity on what could be expected for this year’s event. Out of this lineup, I think only Vupix, Pumpkaboo, Pikachu, and Fenniken have a good chance of occurring. Calyrex and Zorua hasn’t been released yet, and Gengar had a costume.

  4. Gengar has two costumes already, the halloween and the party hat, but it is also one of the most popular mons besides Pika, Charizard and Eevee, so I could see it receiving another one

  5. Missed opportunity for calling it "Rogg'n Roll"

  6. But we already have Malenia in MK, she's the sister or Keetania.

  7. Razor Leaf and Leaf Blade for Kartana? Holy crap. That was a good cut. Time to cut some worthless legendaries :)

  8. Ticket holder, played only with incense since I was in a pretty empty spot, let the Go Plus work for about half the time. Got 10 shinies, but 4 of them were scarf Pikachu, and two more past CD shinies (Chikorita and Machop)

  9. Never thought I'd hear someone say that about Hydreigon and its line lol.

  10. Well, to be fair, the same can be said for like 80% of the dark and ghost types xD

  11. Curious to see if they'll be used for raids as well or only for special research. If they're used for raids also going forward, then that'll make the premier ball nihilego pretty rare.

  12. Pokeball/Greatball/Ultraball Nihilego will be even rarer, since you could only got one of them (and only for ticket holders) :o

  13. Poldin19 in game, but you can nickname me Gus :D

  14. Most people seems to not want them back, so Niantic is definitively gonna bring them back :')

  15. I'm not a woman but I was definitely turned on, so I guess it works too well

  16. I really don't get why people are obsessed with abs. Guy on the left's belly is way more atractive to me lol

  17. My guess is a legendary that no one see it coming. Like, a legendary that barely appear in raids... like Lugia! Or Heatran!

  18. YEEEEEES Now just waiting for the Deception Sub Zero and Kold War Skarlet and we're golden

  19. So... Gible catching weekend round 2. Got it.

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