1. Great questions that I didn’t think of. Just applied yesterday and only did the minimum $200 deposit. Curious to see what answers come through


  3. 🤣 the topic of this drawing has came up so many times over the past year or so. It didn’t disappoint when finally revealed. It was as shitty as I imagined every Lorne grade school/ sex doodle would be

  4. I never downvote people on here…until now

  5. Him and Reborne confirmed today some more stuff is still going to be coming out. More robot and throuple calls. I think they just wanted to finish up that video call because they were getting spammed consistently for the rest of it. That was a random thing from the middle of the Cas3y saga…not the last contact at that point. I think blu saved it for towards the end because we’d all get a kick out of seeing that idiot on video.

  6. 🤣 Reborne plays that singing audio at the end of each SWC stream. It is so awful but I can’t ever exit the stream until that idiot is finished screaming those lyrics. Total cringe

  7. Think he had a stroke/brain aneurysms last week. Sounds like the family pulled “the plug” since there was no coming back for him. Sucks

  8. Also, it looks like the YouTube channel has other vids with cast members. I’m about to dive in.

  9. I like Shawns style and production that goes in for his interviews. Definitely had some sketchy/wacky people on though but I’m good with that.


  11. Slothcat’s animated version is a fun watch

  12. Buried? He’s the top babyface in all of wrestling. This was the biggest night of his career

  13. I feel ya. I didn’t mean anything bad by the buried thing. It was a great night for him. I was just hoping for something different. He needs pushed more but WWE sucks at that. I fear the Sami/Bloodline story will get squashed leading to WM to make way for other garbage. I hope not 🤞

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