1. Not sure, probably though, I remember people saying lube was a much bigger issue than pubes.

  2. Wait I think Manhattan is technically an island, and isn't Queens and Brooklyn technically apart of Long Island. Then of course Statan Island is also an island

  3. Yeah Manhattan is definitely an island. Queens and BK are on the same island as Long Island but are considered boroughs of NYC while LI is not

  4. 100%. The devs really did what they set out to do with the game which is ultimately have us sit there and go "ooft, who is right here? Are any of them in the right? Where does the revenge killing end?" and so on. It was excellent.

  5. Are you sure you just rolled it? Bruising is saying a lot more than that. You may have torn something. Please go get it checked. And if you have already please up date. Cause I’m very curious to know.

  6. I rolled mine years ago and had very similar bruising. Left one too. The purple line going along the bottom of my foot like in Picture #2 freaked me out the most lol

  7. I hear a lot of people say they Hate Hochul and she has destroyed NY. I kind of seen her not di much of anything. She completed a bunch of Cuomo projects but other than that not much. She has tweeked cash bail to extend it to more violent crimes but NY remaines the only state not to use a dangerous standard.

  8. Her bail reform law which favors criminals, and her constant attempts at taking away our 2nd amendment rights despite the Supreme Court ruling them unconstitutional.

  9. I agree with what you say about guns. I 50% agree about crime. Most people are mostly wrong about bail. NY had a system where the rich always were out the next day no matter how big the crime. The very poor were always locked up awaiting trial no matter how small the crime. Many times longer than the max sentence of the crime. Plus no one gets the max anyway. People are starting from the wrong place. Hochul did add back bail for many violent crimes. The big difference in NY vs other states is their is no dangerous standard since study after study revealed dangerous just meant black people were always deemed dangerous and given bail and white people were set free with no bail. Thank you for answering the question.

  10. Thank you for a civil, articulated response. Most people in this sub just downvote any opposing view points. But that’s Reddit for ya

  11. I'm just gonna squeeze in real tight between Aljo and Merab

  12. If you think this is antisemitic, I don't think you know what antisemitism actually is. Is it insensitive? Kinda. Is it dumb? Probably. But in no way is anything he said antisemitic and calling it that downplays actual antisemitism.

  13. Hochul is a tyrant with no regard for your Constitutional rights. What else need be said?

  14. Zeldin tried to overturn a fair and free Presidential election, defiling the constitution...

  15. And Hochul continuously tries to take away the 2nd amendment rights of all New Yorkers, defiling the constitution...

  16. I'm not saying kids aren't stupid. Of course they are. They are kids. And pictures like these are funny, and non-problematic, because the child keeps their anonymity.

  17. It's not hating on kids lol. There aren't any videos of kids getting hurt or injured. It's all in good fun. Kinda like

  18. I never knew there were different greetings for gang members when drunk

  19. Check them out, they're funny as hell and usually get responses like "uh-oh, Morgan's been drinking"

  20. Actually I think I've heard that one before, but yeah I'll try it when I get out of school today.

  21. Lmao that's a bad day for Arthur. I could be wrong, but I think antagonizing while drunk also has some unique dialogue

  22. Every girl's Barbies end up this way at some point

  23. Barbies give little boys unrealistic expectations. Of how easy it is to tear off a head

  24. A buddy of mine hits up orgies fairly often and he usually brings a tarp for throw up. But then again he's fucking nuts, and into a lot of weird shit so nevermind you're prob good. Have fun!!!!

  25. Still no, i don't want to spend any of that 100k on getting an STD treated

  26. The thing I don't get is why crime is such a focus. Nassau County is the safest county in America and Suffolk isn't far behind. (source:

  27. Hochul is hell-bent on banning guns from the state so she cries about all the "crime" that could be "prevented" by taking guns away.

  28. Boy would I hate to get my shotgun bong and my actual shotgun mixed up.

  29. Some people just don’t understand basic security porpoises

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