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  1. At the end you find out they stole each other's cars and it was always meant to be.

  2. Post credit scene- they find out they are siblings

  3. Yea it’d be hard to impress a guy with an iPhone when you just traveled through fucking time

  4. Youre deadonballsaccurate but this is a normaladultmale answer -.-

  5. Cooking and doing housework. My older sister is better academically because she is more responsible at her education and she is taking her master degree now, but she is lazy around the house tbh.. She even does not know how to cook because she never tries to learn, that is why she does not have a bf because she won't be able to take care of her husband and children when she becomes a wife later on.

  6. Good. Apparently, he had cancer, but he got shot saving one of his students. A good man who broke bad

  7. Hygiene!! Went over to this girl’s house once, and I took off from her house as soon as she took off her pants. Gawd damn! Her vagina stank so bad

  8. Wouldnt you change your sleeping pattern for the money?

  9. Does it have to be hard to count, or can I whip a floppy?

  10. You gotta do it for atleast 3 mins and 59 seconds. Doesnt matter if its hard or not

  11. It is nicer to support an artist you like, more rewarding.

  12. Would you be spending a little from your 100k from yesterday on onlyfans? 😂😂

  13. I am sorry to hear that bro. Heartbreaks arent easy to deal with but what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. Heal and go fishing again. 😊😊

  14. 10 mil is barely fucking anything. You'd be better off investing in some crypto scam.

  15. Uhh... none. If there's something he wants or needs that I'm not providing, he should tell me, and I will find a way to provide it.

  16. I definitely need and want the money more but I'm morbidly curious about where the 2 inches to the penis would go considering I don't have one. So Mr. Genie, can I get that in a doggy bag or-

  17. If you’re straight, you can choose to add it to your partner’s peen

  18. I have a fun one. Found out on our 3 year anniversary. After fancy dinner, in a hotel room, abroad. He didn’t want to give me his phone to let me delete some useless videos or such to free up some space on it, after complaining his phone is full.

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