1. Sorry, but in my experience, the thing that really builds strong quorums is meaningful service opportunities. And they can be harder to find than activities. You will get there.

  2. Just realized mine is the Piñon (more mesh) not the bristle one. Still interested? It is in great (like new) condition. I used on a trip into Coyote Gulch.

  3. Probably not unless you are offering a killer deal.

  4. Good luck on finding the right Bistlecone bivy for you. Sorry I couldn’t help.

  5. January is a great time to visit GC. South Kaibab gets more sun so has not much ice once you drop a bit in elevation. You might get some micro spikes to put over your shoes or boots. How far down s. Kaibab are you planning on going?

  6. Wuru Wool sun hoody. I love it. Just bought another one. Don't really need it but heck it was on sale.

  7. I've hiked SOBO, but never NOBO. After seeing the other comments about the bear box locations, is it safe to say that you could use the boxes far enough north to make a BV450 possible? I've been able to cram 5 days in my 450.

  8. Curious as to what you ended up carrying. I am thinking maybe BV450 might work.

  9. GC is beautiful with fresh snow as long as the canyon is not filled with clouds. If it was me I would keep the trip.

  10. Will you suggest driving in the snow though? Hopefully not in the middle of the storm?

  11. I have not driven that road during a storm but it is high desert and the snow does not get that deep.

  12. I didn't know you could transfer phantom ranch reservations.

  13. Thanks. Is it hard to get good rain coverage with a tarp that small?

  14. I didn't have to deal with too much weather, but you can pitch it low if you're expecting precip

  15. And maybe you need to read the OP's post. Things you never used to carry because it wasn't ultralite and now you do. If I wanted anyone's opinion on what I chose to bring, I would have asked for it.

  16. Why does it seem that these elusive tents are popping up for sale on a regular basis? Black market?

  17. I did Glen Pass at the end of June a couple of years ago and the trail was clear with some snow at the side of the trail. Mid June will have snow depending on the snow pack. Micro spike and ice ax would probably get you through.

  18. The bus drivers are MAGA goons and will berate international tourists that keep them employed. Fuck the Skywalk too

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