I’m Jaime Rogozinski, Founder of WallStreetBets and I’m suing Reddit. AMA.

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  1. Stop making fake message threads 🙄

  2. Maybe he finally jumped out the window. One can hope.

  3. Hmm.. edited version. I'll allow it!

  4. Who is going to sell right before the show starts? Lol

  5. And yet people will keep using RH.

  6. So making assumptions with almost 100 year old data/examples. Makes sense to me!

  7. He's a genius, you wouldn't get it.

  8. Posting so I can check comments later.

  9. Wow what a great AMA this was. Fucking twat.

  10. Hahaha full head of hair. Yeah. Okay.

  11. Not far enough. Nice reply though.

  12. There's a reason he left this country. Someone would have busted his head open by now

  13. Because Lucas is a hack. He just happened to have an amazing team working for him.

  14. Must be so proud to provide poverty for so many.


  16. This piece of shit still looking for more? Good luck, loser.

  17. Is that what we do now? Shill products?

  18. I hope he keeps it up and finally gets that heart attack he has been avoiding.

  19. Happy 200th question ignored. Keep it going!

  20. He's 40 amd still looking. If you are wondering why, he provided a list for you.

  21. But nobody gives a shit about what is posted by Kotaku. Why do you?

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