needed a stand so I made this from scrap

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  1. Don't waste your days on pre-made edibles. Grab a syringe of RSO or FECO and make whatever it is you like at whatever strength you desire. Coming in between 400-750 mgs for 1 day compared to the 110 mgs of edibles makes it the best bang for your buck and daily limits 😉. Has been a game changer w my chronic pain and anxiety. Took me 3 yrs to finally try it as I always thought of it as just another edible..but, I was much better than any edible. I would recommend Revel Rso as it usually runs around 40..also Standard Farms that has a 2:1 Rso for $40 as well. Give it a try and I willing to bet you never think of purchasing another edible from the the only question you'll have is what can I infuse this stuff into..answer is absolutely of my favorites is making my own super potent 🍫 chocolates..insanely easy to do. All the best.

  2. Do you put it in edibles or take it from the syringe?

  3. I usually put about a pea sized dollop on a peanut butter filled pretzel, chase it with a second peanut butter pretzel and wash down with a bit of milk. I find the fat in the PB and milk to be an important part of having consistent effects with edibles.

  4. Second this. I don’t have good luck with edibles but a $40 syringe of RSO has me comfortable and sleeping like a baby for a couple weeks.

  5. I got two halves from them recently. Loving the orange Mac but the Grape Cake is mediocre

  6. Miracle Morning Miracle Morning for Couples 5 Love Languages The 4 Agreements Permission to Feel Conversations worth Having

  7. If you believe in your religion and your religion says “God first” then I suppose it could be understandable why someone would put religious teachings over school teachings.

  8. Don’t be such a bitch and quit just because you get rejected over and over. Embrace rejection, pussy.

  9. Make sure your self talk is like this guys /s

  10. Is their a sub for people who just don't fucking get it? Do you often hear "whooshing" noises of the things going over your head? This isn't even worth one of my MANY good jokes.

  11. It wasn’t a joke! Sorry you took it that way. I happen to be an active member over there and I think you should show it off. You would, no doubt, be awarded lots of karma. Hope you have a better day

  12. Good news is, this is literally a 1 light town and they probably only have one cop on duty at time diligently trying to bust speeders and monitoring the hitchhikers hoofing it back to Springfield from the county jail

  13. Had some Mint Julep from BR that looks similar and has a similar terp profile. Wonder if it’s the same/ similar strain?

  14. If it leaks, you’re going on a moon ride 🚀

  15. I would rather we talked about the great game we have instead of worrying about what might have been. They’ve updated GT7 frequently since March and it continues to improve. I haven’t played anything else since it’s launch - it’s a good game.

  16. His wife shushed me at the Memorial a few years back for whispering to a friend of mine. We were 70 yards from the #9 green in the gallery and i here someone say “Shhhhhh” directly behind me. I turned around only to see Mrs Reed directly behind me disgusted as though her d-bag husband could hear me. There were several hundred people around this green and I was in no way loud, but as years went on and I learned more about Pat, it all made more sense

  17. What’s a free paid psychic reading? That’s sorta confusing

  18. Dude should have alerted the park ranger and moved on. I’m all good with him saying something, but you’re obviously not going to change their minds. Let the ODNR deal with it and preserve your sanity and your safety.

  19. I have CPTSD with the fun depression/anxiety/derealization/disassociation/etc. I can’t do a lot of pure sativas unless there’s some CBD in there and not always then. But also certain heavy hitter indicas can give me the full body stone couch lock but set my mind and heart rate on a fucking wheel. Here are the strains that have worked best for me:

  20. I have a similar diagnosis and similar symptoms and wholeheartedly agree with your list here. I’ll add a few: -Black Jack by Growohio -Mint Julep by Buckeye

  21. Look like you’re smoking out a giant airpod

  22. People generally don’t like it when you make assumptions about their character based on photo alone. Depth would be asking her a series of questions to see if perspective was right.

  23. Sport races suck right now. Time Trial is where I live because it’s just me and my stopwatch.

  24. Complete heathen. Do your friends have nicknames for you like ‘Landfill’ or ‘trash can?”

  25. Been a while since we’ve had one this good

  26. I won’t buy their shit simply because they’re full of shit.

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