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  1. You can work at Costco part time and make $15k. Plenty of money for a down payment. You don’t need 20%.

  2. Assuming a 20 hour part-time schedule, at $16 hour, we get to your $15k gross yearly income. How much of that will this hypothetical worker be taking home?

  3. I hear you. And I totally understand what you’re saying. People shouldn’t HAVE to take a second job to make this work and even then it’s a stretch, but if that’s what must be done to free yourself from the burdens of landlords and a lifetime of 0 net worth, then why not do it when you’re young?

  4. Doctor at the VA hospital shit all over it after I asked their opinion. Remember you aren’t talking to a pharmacist or a nutritionist, they are there to run tests, diagnose problems and write prescriptions to drugs with awful side effects.

  5. Dyna with an induction heater works well. Once you figure out the clicks, you can tailor how long to heat each bowl to get the roast you like. Not everyone’s cup of tea though, for sure

  6. I agree with this. ISpire wand is the easiest.

  7. Personally, I do not like Certified. I got a cart from them that wouldn't fire once, and the MOST of the strains I've tried from them have been a miss, with one exception... Arnie Palmer hit the spot.

  8. You understand that humans are capable of abstract thought and can extract meaning from things that aren't explicitly said, right?

  9. Vape produces much much less odor than smoking. That plus a Smoke Buddy and you’ll likely be discreet enough. Open the window when you grind your bud and keep it sealed up

  10. There are multiple layers, from my perspective so I'm going to break it down.

  11. Culver’s or Crabills in Urbana Swensons

  12. If you ever hope to have kids, dig into that with a therapist now. Are you male? This tends to amplify the annoyance factor. Moms can often navigate with little to no frustration with an infant , but dads are naturally wired more to protect and provide, so soothe and comfort isn’t usually in our natural repertoire and has to be built.

  13. I’ve a 3 different strains from supply recently and all were winners. Pineapple Express was super solid.

  14. I agree, Pineapple Express and Pluto Red Pop or some of my favorites in this program.

  15. Jelly Rancher hit all the right notes for me too. I’ll give Pluto Red Pop a try!

  16. Never heard it called a ball vape but think it’s the same thing I’m using - I love my DC TiTi injection vape. I have it plugged into a smart switch so I can turn it on to heat up before I’m ready. Makes for a quick and effective way to medicate.

  17. Game changer. Second choice for me is Dynavap

  18. See if you can lower your dose. Mood boost comes from smaller doses. When I started with Kratom I chased that and ended up at 10g per dose 2x a day. It didn’t get me anything but withdrawals.

  19. I would like a “Open All” function so I don’t have to punish myself 30 times a month

  20. I always find myself coming back to trusty Lemon Dosi, plain old Dosidos is good too

  21. A bit of trial and error, but mostly pay attention to terpenes on the label. You’ll start to notice some sit better with you than others and you can start dialing things in from there. That’s where the real medicinal benefits lie and where all the flavor profiles come from.

  22. How would y'all say the effects are on this? I know it can vary from person to person, just curious. Like does it lean Indica, Sativa or 50/50 for you? Is it sedating/energizing, in the middle? And does it give you guys the munchies? I've been trying to find another good in the middle of the road effects wise hybrid. Pineapple (Express) by Cresco effects is kinda what I'm looking for in a hybrid. Currently medicating with NYC Flo in the mornings but it is a little more energizing/speedy than I prefer and doesn't help my appetite.

  23. I just had Pineapple and loved it. Then picked up a half or Jelly Rancher and I’d say they’re pretty similar. Jelly Rancher makes me slightly less sleepy and overall feels very balanced. Like you, I can’t tolerate super speedy sativas and the Jelly Rancher is hitting the spot

  24. Supply has been solid for me. Pineapple recently was super fresh and big dense buds

  25. I work at Best Buy in the home theater dept. and when people tell me this idea it takes everything in my body not to scream.

  26. Other people’s decisions shouldn’t hurt that much

  27. Mostly because they can’t really do anything. Guys on a bike doing that are almost definitely not stopping and what’s the point of trying to chase. He can’t use any tactics that would be used on a regular car because of the risk of injury. Plus with the amount of other bikers, it just isn’t worth the humiliation

  28. Pretty much sums up America right now.

  29. Yea. My favorites are Mycrene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene. I have always gone for Indicas and Hybrids but I know that's an antiquated way to categorize flower. Maybe looking for other terpenes would help? I have anxiety really bad and would hate to add to it. That's why I've stuck to what I know...

  30. Black Jack is a getter for sure and I have similar terp preferences. Dosidos and lemon Dosidos are also a couple of my favorites

  31. I really like all the dosidos, especially the lemon so it looks like we did like the same terps. I can't remember ever seeing Black Jack on the menus here though (Columbus). I've seen Jack Herrer (sp?).

  32. I’m in Columbus as well but run out to London or springfield from time to time. Grand view terrasana often has it in larger bags like 1/2 oz

  33. That poor writers name is Aneeta Bhole. Talk about getting bullied!

  34. The anti-Trump is extreme too, just in different ways. Both parties are designed to polarize and both do so intentionally. Joe Biden entire persona is intended to offend about 50% of the people. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be effective. The Democratic Party has thrown out the least polarizing, but likely most popular candidates in the last several elections.

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