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  1. Thank you, I really appreciate all the work you do for this app!

  2. It’s Romero Britto artwork if that can help lead you in the right direction

  3. if it was an unlicensed dispensary then it might be fake still, they have the exact same packaging on dhagate for $1

  4. It’s commonly known that THC and HHC “-O-ACETATE” and vitamin E acetate (thickener commonly used in fake carts) are harmful when vaped. Delta 9 THC (the normal one in dispensaries) carts from a legal dispensary will cause no lung issues.

  5. Ahh ok thx. I bought that one a while ago and didn’t know. Thanks for letting me know!

  6. Also just a side note, see how there is oil coming through in the mouthpiece? Try not to suck too hard and just do it gently because you are pulling oil through the coil faster than it can vaporize

  7. Ohh ok. I have been sucking hard cuz its “jammed” sometimes and is hard to pull. Anyway to clean it?

  8. On the next one just try and be more careful, it gets clogged with oil from normal use sometimes, but a way to try and prevent it is to suck super lightly. To clear the clog you suck hard until you hear the like pop and you can feel air flow, then don’t suck hard again. Also I usually try not to unclog them while pressing the button or using preheat, worst case scenario I use preheat

  9. I have no tolerance. Haven’t even tried d8 or haven’t smoked in 10 years. I was looking to get into it but $150 a month sounds expensive

  10. Just get a 10-20ml jar and fill carts up. It’ll be like $44 shipped from CC for 20g, empty carts for $2 from PCKT. Then get a 14 gauge glass syringe from Amazon for $5 to fill the carts. You don’t need a heat plate or stirrer, heat up water in a coffee mug in the microwave and then drop the jar in the coffee cup until the lid is barely out of the water.

  11. Had one for all of 2 weeks when the button itself stopped working, I took it apart and somehow the wire unsoldered itself from the button. Disappointed in the quality for what I paid, uni pro so far has held up very well. Hope you have better luck than me with the battery!

  12. I know you’re in an illegal country but just to let you know, the CUREpens you are getting aren’t real. The plug you buy it off is getting them for like $10-15 each or even cheaper, then sells it to you at a markup. The packaging is sold online for like <$2 each when empty. I’d recommend making your own carts for the time being or sticking with hash. You don’t know what they fill up the carts with and even in legal states, carts will be cut with a thickener that can harm your lungs

  13. Shits fluorescent, the fuck do you want us to say

  14. If you shine disty under a black light, it also looks like a literal glow stick

  15. Cap 🧢 cause I smoked that whole thing and it was juicy

  16. It’ll get you high but that doesn’t change the fact it’s not a real brand with regulations. The fake QR code that leads to a pdf of “lab tests” isn’t real either.

  17. It won’t scan if there is no code to scan, it’s fake. Sorry bro

  18. Yeah, real stiiizys will have a scratch off QR code on the front of it that leads to the verification page on the stiiizy website

  19. Trying to just get the wax out and dab it, cart is super annoying to hit

  20. My doctor is, largely against my preferences, Mormon. So he won’t entertain anything other than discouraging trying. I don’t want it for medicinal reasons though, and I am not on any other medications.

  21. If you are in a legal state, I’d recommend to go to the nearest dispensary and ask for a “disposable vape pen” then mention it’s your first time. They will help you out and give advice!

  22. I’ve seen black market carts with the CO warning logo as well, CA is the most common tho

  23. Controversial, but the Lookah Seahorse Pro has served me well! It’s pretty much an e-nectar collector that can be hooked up to a rig if needed and can work with carts too. It’s relatively cheap and you can dab straight out of the jar, which is my favorite part. No messing around with dab tools and it’s a whole lot more portable because of that imo.

  24. Ay, they workin pretty well and strong after 2 decent hits

  25. Just because it gets you high, doesn’t mean it’s safe... cake isn’t a real brand

  26. I don’t really got the option to choose the brands due to option limitations, homie. idk what else to say. I just wanted to share the aesthetic not endorse it

  27. Smoke actual flower or ship d8 from a reputable brand to your house. You got options, homie

  28. To be honest I do think the law and order parts of the US are totally fucking backward. So it was not a joke in that sense. But you've educated me on the TSA, so thank you

  29. I’ve flown with 15 grams of distillate, 2 carts, an e-nectar collector, plus a Nord in my carry on and I was just fine flying both ways. They look for bombs and weapons, not weed or personal amounts of drugs. Some states are a little more strict, but in California you won’t be stopped if you have up to an ounce.

  30. Realest you’ll get in Mexico, it’s safer than any blatantly fake brand but this one is just a sketchy brand IF you have access to other options.

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