1. We have recently said goodbye to several outstanding scientists who fought long and hard in support of real science to contest the global warming scare. Jay Lehr, Bob Carter, Fred Singer, Patrick Michaels and Tim Ball were the heroes I knew best.

  2. Most Media Reporting Is Written in the Language of “Climate Porn” a Phrase Coined in 2006 by the United Kingdom’s Institute for Public Policy and Research to Describe the Alarmist Rhetoric That Permeates Today’s Public Discussion About Climate Change

  3. That sub is a liberal cesspool, no real science discussed.

  4. UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.

  5. The Alarmists should have stuck with their New Ice Age Prediction - it would have been only one they got right.

  6. The observed incapacity for southern elephant seals (SES) to withstand late 20th and early 21st century extreme cold and expanding sea ice conditions suggest coastal Antarctica (Victoria Land Coast, VLC) climate is colder and icier today than any time since the last glacial. A new study even suggests the last glacial (CO2 ~190 ppm) may have been warmer with less ice than today in this region.

  7. An Example of Killing to Extinction is the Near-miss Demise of the Northern Elephant Seal of California

  8. The environmental protection world, and the world in general, has been going nuts over the issue of species extinction. Desperate to prevent these extinctions (of which there are very few examples other than on small islands [pdf]) societies are hampered by laws and regulations that do little to actually protect the target species, but rather protect their so-called habitats (which is not the same thing).

  9. An example of Killing to Extinction is the near-miss demise of the Northern elephant seal of California.

  10. Physicists have reliably determined that CO2 is increasing the earth’s warming potential by about 2.5 watts per meter squared. That science is indeed settled.

  11. California’s proposed rules to dramatically limit emissions from heavy-duty vehicles could effectively result in a nationwide ban on the sale of new diesel-powered heavy-duty vehicles, thanks to a “backdoor” in the Clean Air Act, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation Monday.

  12. and then the fire. imagine a city of 20 million with lithium everywhere burning, it would burn for many months and be unstoppable. Like when a Tesla burns. except 100,000 teslas and 20 million smart phones and 10 million laptops and 3 million electric scooters and 50000 home battery backups.

  13. UK's Giant Battery 'Farms' Spark Fears of Explosions That Can Reach Temperatures of 660C - Even Worse Than the Beirut Port Blast - With One Expert Calling Them 'Potential Bombs'

  14. Be great getting major surgery by candle light without fossil fuel equipment and medication.

  15. However, others took the report seriously as a warning and advocated for more action from the Biden Administration to combat climate change.

  16. Having just heard about the UN demand for Net Zero to be brought forward, I have amended the summary below:

  17. It sounds like you're projecting. You let yourself be fooled by an industry with a gigantic budget for lobbying, and which has actually made very accurate predictions about the temperature rise (Exxon). So if you want to talk about predictions, maybe you could have a look at those? It's intriguing that internally they had the best climate models that predicted the actual temperature rise, but publicly they spent huge amounts of money to spread climate myths. And you fell for it

  18. It's only natural the she receive a doctorate in theology, being one of the main creators and benefactors of a religious cult.

  19. They are finally admitting that their Climate Change Catastrophe Narrative is a religion.

  20. So then we'll be at 1.4C forever and ever then, I'm sure, with constant dire warnings about 1.5C just around the corner.

  21. It’ll have to be - we’ll all be dead and vaporized once we hit 1.5.

  22. An Implausible Conjecture Backed by False Evidence and Repeated Incessantly ... Is Used to Promote the Overturn of Industrial Civilization. What We Will Be Leaving Our Grandchildren Is ... A Landscape Degraded by Rusting Wind Farms and Decaying Solar Panel Arrays’ — Dr. Richard Lindzen

  23. I think for my personal use a EV would be convenient but the cost was an issue but I need a new car soon since Mines been getting aging issues that I can't maintain myself as easy. I will most likely get a hybrid since I want a car just for fuel efficiency since my other vehicals are trucks. But the politics behind it also gives me a major bad taste.

  24. Both GM and Ford despite their virtue signalling “all Electric” rhetoric are continuing to develop V8s for their Pickups and larger SUVs.

  25. I'm a big dodge guy I have a 1/2 ton dodge that's got a 5.7 hemi and the 1 ton dodge turbo diesel.

  26. I had 6.1 and 6.4 Chrysler SRT 300s before and lastly 6.4 Dodge Durango SRT.

  27. I never understood one thing. Why not just put solar on every single building. Especially in the US all the big government buildings could be covered and it would help with there green argument but until then I dont care. They took 100 acres of row crop fields in my area and made a huge solar farm when they could get the same amount of power by putting solar on there own buildings.

  28. Yeah it's not like it's used up space I do construction for a living and most people I work with have solar setups they've done themselves. They run off actual power during the winter but most of the year it's mostly off there panel's.

  29. It beats destroying farm land for intermittent unreliable use.

  30. I can remember the global cooling aka new ice age scare.

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