1. What does that mean? Was the antioxidant dosage too high or could this also occur with common dosages?

  2. There's a lot of phenolics of interest, though they don't work as antioxidants the way they used to be thought of, they boost endogenous antioxidant production mainly but also have other effects that are relevant, like boosting brain growth factors, mitophagy and so on, but also have some direct antioxidant - and pro-oxidant depending on the surrounding chemistry - properties.

  3. Just keep in mind that antioxidants aren't simple a "the more the better" type supplement. Excessive antioxidation is entirely possible and not pleasant.

  4. What type of oxidation are you trying to stop. The body is full of oxidation and reduction reactions that are all vital for normal cellular function. Are you trying to mitigate mitochondrial oxidative stress due to ROS?

  5. Sulforaphane- via brocolli sprouts can massively mitigate the effects of pollution on the brain

  6. Does this technique require a full head shave similar to what is required for HIFU? If so, I could see a lot of people not wanting to maintain a no-hair look long term if these would be repeated treatments over a longer time course.

  7. This one is interesting because it has agonistic activity at the 5-HT2A receptor but actually has antipsychotic effects.

  8. They mentioned that it also decreased psychotic symptoms in bipolar disorder:

  9. Also interesting, here is an article about the potential role of psychedelics as a treatment for schizophrenia:

  10. nM is a concentration; it’s the shorthand for nanomolar.

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