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  1. It’s supposed to be retro reflective blue. Third party companies sell highway signage of various qualities, and some of it is crap. The municipality should know better but since they paid for it they’re going to use it. Source: I’m a subcontractor for the FHWA.

  2. Was it from this weekend? Is that the crowd watching the big wave surfers?

  3. I’ll second Bay Area Hikers on Facebook. We’ve done several hikes with them and it was a pleasure.

  4. There was a firetruck and EMS vehicle in front of Peet's on Lakeshore around that time, and then a lit-up and sirens cop came flying by us as we were driving under the 580. Possibly related.

  5. mad respect for getting a vid like this just on ur phone

  6. Shout out to the app OSnap! Pro for allowing me to make these frames into a video.

  7. This is incredible. Do you know how many exposures are in the image?

  8. I have used an app for a lot of years that does light trails. I love to capture the movement of birds and insects as they move, and this photo exemplifies that. There is also a hummingbird at the bottom of the frame.

  9. How did you take this photo? Is this multiple shots stitched together?

  10. It’s an app that does stacking of frames to create individual images. Each frame with lighter component will override the darker component of a previous frame. This is a few minutes on a tripod.

  11. Looks like a great way to track bees and where the hive is. What’s the app?

  12. Just out of curiosity, is the other side of the car similar? I’m intrigued.

  13. The rain from a tropical storm started in earnest this afternoon and my camera is able to focus very closely. I wanted to get the scene of the clouds and the area between myself and the beach. The image is rotated 180° so that up is up.

  14. I used a stacking app to capture the movement vector of clouds coming off the beach in South Florida. I wanted to show how the movement changes over time, with odd discontinuities.

  15. I’m pretty sure this bird killed another bird in my backyard and left the evidence strewn everywhere 🧐

  16. I had seen the dead goose when I walked on that side of the lake, and wanted to take a photo from the opposite side. When I zoomed in to the area there were assorted people passing by and noticing it, and then this man showed up. I am about 1/2 mile away from the scene.

  17. This is a flawed opinion, and I’ll use myself as an example. My favorite movie character is Frank Booth from Blue Velvet. He is a psychopath, sexually violent, and a murderer. My only overlap with Frank IRL is my foul mouth. However, he is so interesting to watch, and to listen to. Dennis Hopper knew that the role of Frank was his. “I am Frank Booth.” He epitomizes all of our intrusive thoughts that we dont act upon. Just because you find something fascinating doesn’t mean you are that.

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