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  1. Sail around until you see a massive one. This is easier if you have the longship. It can be done on a karve, but longship is faster.

  2. I thought I was, but I guess I need to finally leave my area

  3. The theme of taking old Hanna Barbara produced shows is the same, from there entirely different

  4. Hanna Barbara could make a single 10 second animated run cycle last 3 seasons and 6 different shows.

  5. Just a little more baggage from dear old dad. Nothing Rusty hasn't been through before.

  6. Thank you, that's exactly why I wanted to ask. Some said yes, others no.

  7. "So I buried my grief in an entire box of Mallomars, with a Yoo-hoo chaser! You boys must have happened upon me whilst I was in the throes of a diabetic coma."

  8. I started with season 2 after feeling terribly disappointed after the first episode in season 1 after loving the UK one. Was not disappointed. I often recommend everyone just start with season 2

  9. I was told thr same thing about Parks and Recreation. I couldn't get into season 1 until after I had seen the other seasons. I'm only 2 episodes into the office season 2 but it's already much better

  10. I was only able to watch 2 episodes into season 2 last night, but it is already a huge improvement. I'm looking forward to when I can watch some morw

  11. I had 80ish lockpicks when I started the thieves guild questline, by the time I got the skeleton key I had 4 left. Even after all the freebies they gave me. Lol

  12. I don’t care for the seed & strain carts. Too dark, make me cough more than others, taste meh & effects okay.

  13. I can agree with that, it's not amazing but for the price I'm happy with it. Now that I know there's nothing amiss with them being so crazy dark

  14. I just posted the same problem purchased at harvest in columbus

  15. Feel better then friend, I emailed Columbia care and they responded. According to them the darker oil is due to an FSE (full spectrum extract) using co2. They have passed all state regulatory testing and are 100% safe to use.

  16. Whether or not Gandalf was key to his long term plan, I still think it would’ve been significantly less risky to discuss and share knowledge of the ring, THEN reveal his plan and either imprison Gandalf or have him alongside

  17. Wasn't the reason he told Gandalf his plan then and there to either 1. Coerce Gandalf into helping him, basically have him lead the ring to Sarumon, or 2. Hold Gandalf prisoner and prevent him from aiding the hobbits while his forces run down Frodo. Gollum had already revealed where the ring was so I would assume this was his best attempt to get the ring before Saurons ringwraiths.

  18. Squirrel? I learned on YouTube that squirrels can't resist an obstacle course. Build one and he will surely ninja warrior his way out of your home

  19. I don't know if I'd call a magnet on a stick a new invention but it's still a good idea nonetheless

  20. Must have scared the shit out of one or 2 people who didn't know that was back there

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