1. The shop itself looks great. It’s easy to navigate and visually appealing. It is organised and customers can quickly and easily find the products they’re looking for. Also, your product photos are clear and professional and you used attractive and eye-catching visuals that draw customers in.

  2. That’s a good tip to know about ads! Thank you for your advice!

  3. I’d probably suggest adding way more designs. From a quick glance it looks like a majority of the designs are very similar. Which makes sense if you want several different ones but with a similar pattern or design. But if people are wanting a different design well then they’re shit outta luck.

  4. I bought a lil something! I used to run a lil etsy shop as well so I wanted to support w what I could ☺️ Also accidentally left a note that I saw u on FB forgetting it was Reddit, but this popped up in my notifs & i've been looking for a simple planner for GN for a bit. I love the textured paper and I wish i could've supported u more, but hey - i 10/10 recommend, if it helps anyone else 💓 Ur work is so cute!!

  5. Thank you so much!! I appreciate your support it means a lot to me!

  6. Hi! No it’s a digital planner I created on keynote. I designed everything from building the binder rings to the pages and tabs to layouts etc. I didn’t use a template. Once I finished it and linked all the hyperlinks I converted it into a PDF and imported into goodnotes to use as a hyperlinked planner.

  7. That’s incredible! How long did it take for you to finish making the planner from scratch?

  8. I’m in an ABSN program and I cry just about every other day

  9. Stop making us write and rewrite 7-page physiology and assessment papers EVERY WEEK in accelerated nursing school. Nobody cares about the damn APA!!

  10. I’m also just starting out at a 12 month ABSN program and it really sucks. I feel the same way except I don’t even have kids or work at all so I don’t even know how you’re keeping it up. I cry on average every other day from sheer stress and feeling exhausted all the time. I don’t have a social life now either. I don’t have any good advice for you because I’m having a hard time finding a system that works for me but I can tell to you at the end of the day you’re doing your best and the program will fly by so fast. Think of the day you become a nurse and also your kids might not understand it now but they will be so proud of you when they figure out how much you’ve sacrificed. I’m proud of you!

  11. Omg me! Just moved from Taiwan to Eugene last year. I’m almost 30 female currently in accelerated nursing school. What’s your background?

  12. I love the last paragraph in particular! The message is really meaningful and wise without sounding overused. It also gives me the sense you are referencing your native culture, which adds such a nice personal dimension.

  13. Ahh ok that’s a good point! I’ll edit that part. Thanks for the feedback!!

  14. LOVE. I was actually planning on doing this exact thing with this exact colour palette, plus some black haha!

  15. I actually got them off of Etsy! And also Ling’s moment

  16. Some hopefully helpful advice. You'll want to take your white pieces and pull them down and in more, you have them sucking out took far.

  17. Ok that makes sense! I’ll definitely try that thank you!!

  18. Beautiful but it really does cover your whole body 😂 super cute your FH is like 'im not marrying flowers' lol

  19. Hahahaa yea that’s prolly the exact thought process

  20. Honestly that’s so similar to what I was trying to go for but ended up with this hahaha. Thanks!!

  21. Dang this is offensive. I guess this is because of the pandemic. There were a lot of nurses and CNAs quitting and leaving the field altogether. Im one of those people. I got stressed out. At my last hospital job, the nurse manager, the staff nurses decided to get together inform the travel nurses a little white lie. The lie was: the CNAs would be the main ones going into the covid-19 rooms. We'd do the vital signs and the travel nurses wouldn't have to do them. And for everything call the CNAs. My work load increased and my pay didn't. The travel nurses were paid up to $10k a week. The staff nurses were paid an extra $500 for every extra shift they picked up beyond their regular 3 a week. The nurses got max of 3 patients while I got up to 16 pts. I ended up quitting March 2021. It had gotten so bad and it became a toxic work environment. I ended up switching from nursing to information technology. I' have a desk job no working as a front end developer. I make $75k a year vs the $37k a year as a CNA. I'm so relieved.

  22. How did you make that switch successfully? Asking for a friend

  23. You should do it and you’re not crazy! I had a 180 career change from music production to being a CNA at 29. I will be graduating accelerated nursing school when I’m 31. The one thing I would emphasize is to prioritize your schooling and whatever the criteria is to get into your nursing program. I got into my program because I prioritized studying for my prereqs and knew my grades would suffer if I worked too much. I don’t know what your program would require but always keep your eyes on the big prize instead of the short term gains (aka CNA money.)

  24. In the hotels I work for you will be stonewalled the moment you mention that you booked through a third party. and please forgive the person of the hotel for being rude because we at times get 10 to 15 phones calls a day where we are asked if we can cancel a room or amend dates, we go into the reservation discussed while we have a line of 5 guests right infront of us waiting to check in and we noticed the reservation is made through

  25. Wow thanks for the detailed guide!! I’ll try that thank you!

  26. Do you guys play Catan? My husband and I also need franssss (we are 30 with no kids!)

  27. Yes because I get super uncomfortable with silence and I don’t know why I feel the uncontrollable need to break that silence and end up sounding even more awkward and it’s a never ending cycle to try and fix my awkwardness with more awkwardness

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