1. This is great. I’ve always laughed at the various Christmas versions of everything. Reggae Christmas has to be my favorite genre.

  2. Haha thanks - yeh there’s definitely some “interesting” Christmas versions out there!

  3. I wanted to rage post about how hard it is to sift through these sites for non corporate music, and you nailed it. fucking perfect.

  4. Haha thanks so much mate! If you think about it corporate music is just so bizarre.

  5. LinkedIn has been a game changer for me - just connecting with people and posting content 4-5 times per week.

  6. It happens mate make sure you’re charging your client for the costs of another rental if needed 👍

  7. Main client is on retainer, no billing for rental.

  8. Ah no worries - look depending on your relationship with your client I would still be inclined to let them know that future cancellations may incur additional costs purely because you have to rent out the equipment. Generally most clients should understand that :)

  9. Hey mate this is crazy but we specialised in truck videos for a long time haha

  10. Thank you for responding and also for the tips. 8-12k that’s insane, hopefully one day I can charge that much lol . This would be my first big rig project. Can you please send me a link so I can view your teams work ? Thank you


  12. That's the kind of thing I'm interested in finding. I feel like lack of business savvy is holding me back.

  13. I would start by listening to the podcasts “grow your video business” by Ryan Koral, “scale your video business” by den lennie and there’s another one by Ben Amos. They all have courses/coaching /masterminds of course but also plenty of free material to get you started :)

  14. I'll start watching it. I would like to see how good I'll get this year since it's my first. I have the sony a7iii a gimbal and for lenses I have an 85 1.8 ,24-70 2.8 and 35 1.2 Hopes the first year won't be that bad

  15. It's good to think about mate :) It makes me sad when I see a lot of people saying "those that can't do - teach". If we didn't have teachers how would we ever learn?

  16. The point is there is no pack. It corpo. The only thing you can do is have more people complaining. Just take your cash and gtfo.

  17. Yeh maybe but I’ve found our most successful pieces have been those that had some laughter, bloopers or some funny comments thrown in amongst the more corporate key messaging.

  18. Yeah I had no idea everyone has been secretly using linkedin all these years lol.

  19. When you say healthcare and community services, could you be more specific?

  20. Nursing associations, disability support services, mental health organisations, aged care businesses. Pretty much connect on LinkedIn with marketing and comms managers in those areas and start outreach. I also ask for referrals from previous clients (just if they know anyone I should connect with who does similar work to them)

  21. Hey mate, can I ask exactly how you approach messaging people on LinkedIn? What do you actually say so they don’t just dismiss you as another person looking to sell something? My business is currently morphing from a mostly wedding film company to an exclusively commercial one - and so where usually work would just come to us by word of mouth, we suddenly have to go out and hunt for work, and we’re largely clueless. Any advice my man? We’ve got LinkedIn and have messaged a few people, but heard nothing back. Not quite sure where we’re going wrong.

  22. Sure so there is a bit to it but essentially I connect with around 20-30 marketing managers or comms people per week.

  23. We use Kyno which is great but doesn’t have an online/cloud option as far as I know, it just reads our server.

  24. Hey mate check out visual domains pricing on their website, we’ve done something similar to their production package and it’s working out ok so far.

  25. Amazing thanks so much can't believe you found it. Solved!

  26. You could try Filmriot! I've only started using green screen but didnt find it too difficult using FCP. Just play around a little.

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