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  1. £105 afternoon tea for 6 is cheap. I’ve paid that per person. This is just a cheapskate.

  2. That isnt what they got. They got afternoon tea for 2 and 3 extra scones for 105

  3. Only cause they were being cheap. It’s 32 a head, they had 6 heads and they only paid 105. That means they were extra cheap and only bought either two or three settings for 6 people. Which most tea places I have been to will not officially allow for this reason. Though I’m sure like these people people still do it.

  4. They didn't get tea for 6 they got it for 3 tho. So no one got a full portion.

  5. Sage isnt a closed practice. Burn it and use it because its a gift, and if you find yourself wanting to burn more, it grows like a weed,

  6. White sage, is absolutely a closed practice. Nor all sage, but white sage yes.

  7. That has nothing whatsoever to do with declaring that only certain races can touch certain plants. That’s absurd.

  8. No one said certain races can touch certain plants. Anywhere. Wanna quote that somewhere?

  9. You are literally ridiculous and it makes me embarrassed to share commonalities with people like you who have absolutely no respect or reverence to Native Indigenous tribes who use this sacred herb. You should quite literally be ashamed of the way you are bigoted and racist.

  10. Maybe you could use some of that extra funding given to the Pentagon they didnt even ask for?

  11. That’s the trick to these questions. Naturally ppl will see it as a fraction, but for this question you must solve as it is written

  12. People don't all think the same way. I'd wager many would solve the logical operators in the order they were taught, PEMDAS or some variation rather than converting it to a fraction.

  13. The problem PEMDAS doesn’t always work is because people keep trying to do the multiplication first for 1 of 2 reasons.

  14. Give yourself some grace. That's a lot happening all at once! If you can, try to get some rest and relaxation

  15. You dont call and you stop answering your aunts calls if she gets more persistent. You aren't responsible for your mother's emotional wellbeing or happiness and if she really needs help she needs to get it from a professional so there's nothing you can do anyway.

  16. Yeah I will only get mine changed if I’m knocked out for some other procedure. Otherwise it’s staying in me until menopause. I don’t care if it loses a bit of effectiveness as I get older, but I’m not taking it out. Reports are it is easily good for 15 years now (the one I got) although they have limited studies because finding people who don’t want kids for 15+ years to test for that type of approval is difficult. Perfectly functional IUD’s have been in place for 20+ years though.

  17. She was not arrested for failing to pay her garbage bill. She was arrested for failing to appear in court after being properly summonsed. The underlying issue was the outstanding garbage bill but if you don't show up to court after being notified you almost always get a FTA warrant.

  18. Wow so she IS being arrested for not paying a $77 bil because there would be no court date without that bill wouldn't there??

  19. No, she is not. Again I advise low income clients EVERY DAY on these types of issues at the county run low income law clinic here in Maryland. If you are ordered by a Court to appear in Court you need to be there as ordered or 'bad things' will happen - including bench warrants for failure to appear.

  20. The whole reason for appearing on court is because she failed to pay a bill. If the state didn't issue bench warrants for this type of bullshit and handled it administratively it wouldn't be an issue.

  21. I wonder if how federal student loans have been handled over the past few years has affected how some people see other types of debt. There are people who have been able to defer and defer and defer payments on their student loans for months and into years, and have this mindset they can try to do the same with their credit cards or other loans they have taken, and are getting all surprised-pikachu-faced when they realize credit cards aren't nearly as forgiving as the federal government student loan program is.

  22. Right bc one person posting on reddit means everyone is doing this /s

  23. How do you need help with this? Take the 0% interest and leave your friends and family alone.

  24. They can probably remove your IUD, I had mine put in during my surgery.

  25. Did he tell his parents by any chance? I can easily see him telling his parents and them pushing back on it

  26. Take a shot everytime you read "probably" or "I assume" or "left" 😂

  27. If you're a Florence + the Machine fan listen to their new song King :)

  28. SURGERY DAY BUDDIES!!! I got mine removed yesterday too!!! My bellybutton hurts but my heart is happy lmao, hope you feel the same :)

  29. Omg the belly button pain! I didn't realize it would feel so weird and uncomfy lmao

  30. Congratulations!! 🥂 How does your body feel after the surgery?

  31. Thanks! I feel pretty good. Abdomen is a little sore since that is where the incision sites are. I also had an IUD put in to regulate my periods so cramps are a bitch, but soooo worth it!!

  32. Then they complain they have no money to raise their own kid or that kids are too expensive. LOL

  33. You can propagate a hydrangea by putting a rock on a low branch and the area under the rock will root in a few weeks!

  34. Give it to Gunther, I'm sure he would appreciate it lol

  35. They look great! I overcrowded my radishes and then forgot about them so this is quite impressive to me!!

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