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  1. I have a serious question: when did "your" and "you're" start being so misused like that? Is that a recent thing or has it always been there?

  2. Her job is to take the maximum possible risk, I guess

  3. There will be challenges, no doubt. Script writers will need to carry liability insurance, etc. As a lawyer though, I see a very bright future for blockchain based contracts.

  4. I wonder what he does for a living. His car must be awesome.

  5. Why don't "tech moguls" just don't, like, live a normal life? Each one is worse than the other.

  6. Opinião de uma pessoa em quem as pessoas acham que devem se espelhar, só pq tem dinheiro. Essa questão dos problemas do Brasil serem culturais já foi desbancada, recomendo a leitura do livro A Elite do Atraso, do Jessé de Souza.

  7. I don't think it counts, because it's not a conspiracy, just facts

  8. It is possible as seen above

  9. They're not broke yet? I guess the plan to sell more popcorn has been panning out!

  10. How can they speak 6 languages but not know about that

  11. So you're saying that 50% of people tweet from their fridge?

  12. Ohh you're getting harassing DMs? I consider that a sign of success. Congrats!

  13. That's what I mean lmayo. Threats mean you're really close.

  14. He literally thinks he is the savior. That's the best type of villain there is.

  15. Everyone talks about free speech, but no one talks about paid speech

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