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  1. You do realize it's not an amusement park, or a neighborhood with neighborhood amenities? It's an area for museums, Federal government buildings, and office buildings, right? It's never been area with amenities.

  2. It's an American right to have Applebee's sizzling skillets and $5 buckets of beer on demand. Why aren't we talking about the real problem of free child dropoff/daycare programs for tourists- after all, their tax dollars are paying for all of this stuff.

  3. How does he expect us to believe he's balling with Ballys when the vid is being shot in a halfway house from the 80s, complete with a scruffy-assed Charlie Brown tabletop Christmas tree?

  4. Ugh I could have gone the day without hearing an affectionate nickname for this trash.

  5. Two things can be true. Yes, the GOP is unabashedly fascistic; yes, the Dems are considered center-right compared to their counterparts on the global stage.

  6. Is this a Garry's Mod? I feel like I need this so I can die of natural causes.

  7. Man, looks like Jordan Peterson has really fallen on hard times if he's losing out this hard to coffeehouse comedians.

  8. Out-fielded by Bush Sr, outhooped by Obama, out-tackled by Ford, and out-bowled by Nixon; further back, he'd be out-wrestled by Lincoln and out bear-fucked by Roosevelt. I would bet money that the ball would slip off any bonespur kick by Teflon Don- even

  9. For once when I'm actually on my guard for a rick roll...

  10. HA. Got you- I hope you have a nice day you sucker lovely person.

  11. And 1 quick look would've told them it's actually two seperate tests in one package.

  12. I’m sure they go back and forth. A healthy individual would not tolerate that nonsense.

  13. Oh, well, in that case...WRAP IT UP Y'ALL, THIS GUY IS SURE. You heard it here, people being abused or bullied in their relationships are equally to blame. A real victim wouldn't put up with that!

  14. I have stabilized the video for you:

  15. Why not Israel? They have the Technicolour Dream Coat as part of their history~

  16. And all the things that come with them- rats, cats, owls...hell, even ants! Ants that could be dug into the walls, the corners, even the center!

  17. I mean, though a fabricated construct, "whiteness" does enforce norms and beliefs for a group loosely organized around skin colour-cum-European heritage. I'd say British Isles, but that's loosened over time to include Scandinavians, Franco-Germans and increasingly Slavs and other Eastern Europeans.

  18. I mean, sure- it's an evolving answer as writ large whichever groups could be

  19. Np, just sick of these double standards. I see “White”, “mexican” or “Latino” posted in the title no one gives a shit and for once a see “black” and people start losing their minds..does that make sense to you?

  20. I totally agree- race only matters to some when it's a black/brown body in the wrong. It's revealing when you see posters and clowns in the comments jump on any little breadcrumb to slyly show the darkness they're fostering deep inside masked as faux-righteous moral posturing. They want to normalize this kind of hate (again) and encourage others like them. It's really sad. Progress when?

  21. They fucked Gen X up pretty good, too- look at Ben Shapiro or Nuri Muhammad among others. Just gotta keep fighting against the darkness inside and keep reaching out to others in times of uncertainty.

  22. Someone's been watching too many action movies and too few safety videos...

  23. There's always a new market, a point of attachment, an angle for integration, or a new innovative method to grind down an as-yet unexploited shard of our shattered human experience into an extractable resource.

  24. And you’re a willing participant

  25. Sure, as willing as my instinct for survival allows. I don't blame people for seeking some enjoyment as a respite from the relentless onslaught of cynical predation in their day-to-day. I DO blame people for inflicting misery on others because they are seen as chattel fit only for use by corporations-cum-persons.

  26. Does having big muscles influence how well you can take a sword slashing off your arm?

  27. I mean, more meat on the bone does make for a more difficult slash-to-completion...

  28. Yeah but once your arm is off, those extra muscles don't help with preventing blood loss.

  29. Ah, I see- I thought you meant the physical act of preventing a total amputation.

  30. Sad story, but hey- sneaky boi is better off red than dead.

  31. This is why mixing Swashbuckler with Swords Bard works well. Don't need to dash away if you instead use a Blade Flourish (Defensive probably) to gain an extra 10 feet so you're still within attack range without needing to spend a bonus action to get out of normal move range.

  32. That is both true and also less helpful as a mnemonic device lol

  33. Anything can be AbruptChaos with that kind of video jump cut.

  34. Nah, go all-in- "so you're definitely good with your hands 😈" ride the vibe bro

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