1. Wow they actually remembered flails exist in the game.

  2. Increased scaling on colossal weapons? My god they buffed my boy Watchdog’s Staff.

  3. "Picking up multiple FICSIT personnel in the area, proceed with harvest before it's too late."

  4. Is this for kids or people in their 30s, I'm so confused

  5. You ever go back and try to watch the show? It’s pretty awful. Every so often I’ll hear the theme or see the old SNES game and want to go watch some old episodes and nope out pretty quickly. I suspect this movie will be the same.

  6. I believe that a steam controller connected with the USB dongle is the only way to wake it remotely. My experience is also that the deck needs to have been on at least once after connecting to the dongle to make it work (ie if you have it sleeping when you connect it to the deck with the dongle, it won't wake even with the SC, though it does once you turn the deck on with the button once after it's connected)

  7. Make sure you fully update all the controller firmware and stuff, which iirc can only be done in big picture mode on a desktop (possibly only windows? ) with the controller connected by cable. Also there was possibly some process about re-pairing them? Basically, ask the internet about updating and connecting your controller before you give up hope

  8. I mean, windows doesn’t even detect a USB device (no sound, no changes on device manager) when I plug the dongle in, I really think my dongle is broken, but I’ll try to update my controller again

  9. In a lot of countries you can get an official mail forwarding via the post for relatively low cost btw. I have one for 6 months and I'll probably renew for another 6 because who can remember to change their addresses everywhere eh?!

  10. I’ve had two packages from target shipped to my old apartment in the past 3 months

  11. Was he thinking he was quick enough to throw it out the window?

  12. He’s gotta get the window down before throwing it, it looks like there’s some glare behind him and the window is slightly cracked

  13. If it were Kirkland comet azur, it would be a slightly bigger comet for 15% the mana cost.

  14. Yeah but to get it, you have to go to one specific merchant and pay for an annual membership

  15. I caught that tour when Muse opened for them. Still weird to me, as I’ve always viewed Muse as the “bigger” name, even then. But MCR I guess was bigger in the US at that time.

  16. I saw muse right before 2nd Law fully dropped, one helluva show. One of my favorite concerts I’ve been to

  17. It's actually pronounced 'Dong-er'. It's derived from a Dutch word.

  18. Something I noticed in my first playthrough of satisfactory was that unlike previous automation games like factorio, in satisfactory, it wasn't enough just to have a functioning factory. The aesthetics became very important for me as well.

  19. It’s because it’s a prettier game and you’re forced to deal with walking through (both above and below) your spaghetti.

  20. This would be fun DLC, but we all know Grounded 2 has to have the kids embiggened to kaiju proportions.

  21. Don't do this again! Or I'll warn you not to do it again, even stronger.

  22. Who isn’t looking to get laid in an Olive Garden bathroom when you’re waiting for the food?

  23. Like they say. When you’re here, you’re family. What are you doing, steppasta?

  24. Lol. Ever think they are trying to help these ppl instead of so called target them. Geesh. Like what does the homeless guy have to target.

  25. Only thing scary will be playing it 1080p @ 30fps on ps4

  26. I played the entirety of the game on a Steam Deck twice bouncing between 30 and 40fps. It’s playable at those frame rates.

  27. See I read comments like this and realize how severely underleveled I was at beginning and endgame. Like I beat radagon and Elden beast at 120-130. I had a quarter health and was lucky I caught the beast before it swam away. Now I’m 405 and enjoying it but should’ve explored more when I first started

  28. My first win was around 170, took about 200 hours. Though to be fair - I did absolutely as much as I could. I looped the map three times to make sure I didn’t miss much before taking on radagon. Then I farmed to 200 for ng+ after beating them, which admittedly was overkill.

  29. Solid story, given that's how it'd have to happen IRL to be so widespread without anyone's knowledge.

  30. If you wanna get meta maybe the player has a greater control of the character than the blob does

  31. The player and resistant NPCs still have full agency, and I believe there’s lore for at least one feral who “snapped out of it”

  32. Its not about going in russia to arrest him , now putin is locked in russia , if he leaves he will be arrested , thats pretty much the point of this , he cant escape anywhere

  33. Eh it would be a very touchy situation. As long as he’s a head of state, there’s diplomatic immunity that would complicate arrest attempts by a foreign country, and with Russia refusing to acknowledge the legitimacy of the ICC, Russia would declare any arrest as a kidnapping at minimum, an act of war at most.

  34. Ozone is an oxidiser, it damages cells in even low concentrations. It smells like bleach, which is also an oxidiser.

  35. The first two Gungeon games are very good.

  36. Yeah imma keep my eye out for a rom for now, though I do have a handful of arcades nearby, I just doubt I’ll ever see the cabinet.

  37. I finally gave Metal Unit another shot after disliking my initial play time with it.

  38. What’s the deal with Generation Zero? I’m seeing a lot of reviews with 100+ hours in the game, but from reading the Steam page, it looks like the sort of game where you’d play through the campaign and then be done with it. Is there some roguelike aspect or deep RPG character build element going on? Or just people doing tons of co-op playthroughs with friends? 100 hours just seems like a lot of play time for a campaign shooter game.

  39. Nothing will stop me from running my 20 shitty scripts made in 4 different languages using 5 different runtimes and 3 web apps from my small company's Windows 2008 server. I'd like to see the cloud make a query to our 2002 msqsql server databases🗿

  40. I’ll give it a shot. I just used the 2012 SQL Server Management Tools at work last week, because it’s the latest version that still talks with the 32 bit access 97 driver.

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