1. You could make one for less than that if you've already got some guitars

  2. I was about to say, I was introduced to clone hero bc we had a station at my old job in the break room. Just a laptop and tv inside a box with some controllers really.

  3. You must have the most patient cat in the world, a fish tank AND an entire table of glassware?? My cat would have a field day 😂 lovely decor!

  4. Todays the day. I’m a 393 blood dk whose highest key until now was a 10. I’m going to fire up Quazii in depth guides and do a 15 today. It’s time to stop being scared of screwing up, I do it irl all the time and the sun comes up the next day plus this is a gd game.

  5. 391 boomie in the same boat, I’m borrowing your energy this weekend lol

  6. Thank you for the captions wifey 💖

  7. I lived in these as a teacher, they really do feel just like yoga pants


  9. Her forehead is what my skin looks like if I don’t wash my face for a few days when I’m depressed. I wonder if she has ppd.

  10. Tried to make this as a text post with embedded image but I’m on mobile haha.

  11. Sex workers still learn how to drive my guy

  12. You mean the pay2win card mmo that makes children into gambling?

  13. With how fast some of the flower moves and how quick these large scale growers have to get things to market, I look at the length between harvest and test dates a lot of the time. That doesn't go for every company with cure time obviously but you can tell a good cure from bad usually

  14. Could you expand on this a little please? What would be a length between dates that would indicate a bad cure? Curious for my own knowledge

  15. But what if I call it the aldis. Do I have to call it the aldi now?

  16. A few sentences after that they mention no guaranteed parking. What is the appeal here? The boost mobile and dollar general? The zoo??

  17. If you are counting sips or bites it’s time to call the therapist

  18. And this was a problem for me and many people in my class - you're not required to have a Masters to start, but you need to take continuing education credits every year. (This was secondary education, US) We graduated in 2005, I live somewhere with a glut of good schools and lots of fresh new teachers every year. Full time jobs were scarce unless you knew someone. (Or were willing to move)

  19. I could have written this post. Left teaching without ever having a full time position because I couldn’t break out of subbing even with glowing recommendations. Moved away from the tiny rural school i student taught at or I could have had a full time job right away. My license expired 2 years ago and I would have to take a 6 figure pay cut to return to teaching.

  20. No no I totally agree with you on that. I just think there’s much worse out there, unfortunately. But then like you said, some ppl lose their kids over less so who really knows.

  21. Cps also overall aims to keep families together/reunify kids that are actually removed, even when it doesn’t seem in the best interest of the child from an outside perspective (often funding related as well sadly). There are also services offered by cps that fall between “we did an assessment and nothing is wrong” and “we’re taking the kids immediately”. It’s possible they’re taking parenting classes or being observed regularly without posting about it.

  22. Thank youuuuu!! Yes all I have now is student teaching 💪🏽

  23. You got this! As a former teacher remember to take care of yourself and give yourself time outside of schoolwork. Grading can always wait! (and is better w a bowl of course hehe)

  24. I’m allergic to contacts, so I hoard glasses, these are amazing 🤩 I need deets! Where did you get them?

  25. Same!! I’ve been looking for a pair just like this tooo

  26. I'm 35 today and wouldn't be here without a c section to save me as a baby!

  27. she looks so different to me and i can't explain why but this might be it

  28. I think she got a chin implant or filler too

  29. Her hands and forearms are so disturbing 😖😖😖

  30. Everyone in Hearthstone is losing 9 deck slots for this though.

  31. I love the blazy Susan stuff!! Everything is pink how could I not lmao. I had the cutest pink and purple bong but she took a tumble😢

  32. Hot girls stay knocking their shit off the table (I’m hot girls 😩)

  33. My current pm is on at all hours of the day and night; my team has no idea when or if he actually sleeps.

  34. I showed my dad, who is a beloved pediatrician of 30 years the teeth (no context) and he said, “is this your friend’s child? They need to cut the bottle and/or pacifier immediately.” And listed all of the issues that can arise from this.

  35. Can you share what issues he identified?

  36. Misaligned bite (cross bite etc), jaw issues, change the roof of their mouth, can also contribute to middle ear infections, tongue thrust, tooth decay, speech delay.

  37. Thank you! I know you can google it, but it’s always nice to hear from an expert directly.

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