1. wtf you were doing martini, jasmine spider and inverted moves in BEGINNERS? i wouldn't trust this studio

  2. a really shitty cover of addicted to love, lets dance to joy division-the wombats, elevation-U2 and all the fuckin moby songs. so happy they let me make my own playlist.

  3. I've been doing pole for 8 years and still look like a 2 day old avocado 😂

  4. Slightly unrelated but my friend is in a band called nonbinary code 😅

  5. https://instagram.com/nonbinarycodemusic?igshid=Yzg5MTU1MDY=

  6. Knocking down affordable housing to build luxury apartment buildings isn't good and is contributing to our homelessness problem.

  7. "you look bored," as they throw their shit on my register.

  8. I get this all the time. Yes I am bored 😵‍💫

  9. Fuck I hated dealing with gambling addicts at the newsagency. I once had this lady who won $12 on a scratchie. She celebrated by buying 4 $5 scratchies. I told her I added the winnings to her payment, so she owed me $8. She accepted this, gave me the $8, and I gave her the scratchies. She then came back up to the register to yell at me that I'd ripped her off and personally stolen her $12 because I didn't hand it to her. I told her i explained that i added the $12 to her payment and the reason she gave me $8 to equal the $20 she owed. We then went on to argue for five fucking minutes about how 8+12 and 4x5 both equal 20. We had an audience by the end. Literally the dumbest encounter I have had with a customer.

  10. Reason #1 I would never move to gungahlin.

  11. I blame compuglobalhypermeganet on facebook.

  12. In my city, there's a lesbian flag mural in the CBD near a rainbow roundabout, so my state is probably a 9. Country in general 6 probably.

  13. Thou shalt not insist thee and others like thee are always right for it is a lie.

  14. I got them from coquetry clothing before shipping from the US became (more) unaffordable. Now I get stuff from op shops and rockwear.

  15. Getting impaled by ice all the time is fun

  16. At my usual variety show we get $150-170AUD for one song if it's sold out. Other gigs tend to vary. Most I've gotten is $500.

  17. Yeeeaaah that's not okay. He needs to respect your boundaries and learn about consent. Dump him.

  18. obviously the only solution is to use it as a septum ring

  19. fuck this yeeted me straight back to 2005

  20. do you do shoulder shrugs or that movement during warmups? i figured out recently that's what was fucking up my neck and shoulders recently.

  21. i've seen several white people drop the n bomb while doing karaoke. like bro why do you think that's okay

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