1. Nice argument. I play Apex from time to time but I like the gungame, the setting, the flow in cod way more.

  2. Don't let anyone see that you're enjoying the flow of cod, these zombies will swarm your ass.

  3. We asked for a new warzone 1 map not a new game

  4. I really like wz2 , a lot! But man the game has a lot of moments that makes you wanna uninstall and burn it. It definitely needs some changes to make gun fights more even, right now the slow gameplay does not equal the lightning fast ttk. Not to mention you can’t hear your fucking enemy when they are 5 feet away sprinting at you with a vector. It sucks.

  5. I agree on the ttk and movement pace mismatch, that's something that can be tuned, and i believe it will be.

  6. I literally came back from a break, about 2 weeks ago. I skipped demon dagger and I'm kinda bummed out about it because the skins and such were really cool.

  7. I just find no point in playing fh anymore. I reach a certain rep, get a certain gear piece or an execution which had been my goal, and then i just want something else, without even enjoying the previous thing that i got. It feels pointless, but it could be just me.

  8. no offense, feels like your projecting your lack of fun onto me. Whereas I just want to get better and play more. You want to quit. Which is ok, but it isn't helping me.

  9. I thought 120 was perfect. If it helps, I play on a television.

  10. Me too at first, i played with 120 on a 43 inch tv, but caught myself dying to people who were in front of me and i only saw them when they fired at me. Took it down to 100 and i think it might just be the sweet spot.

  11. I play maybe 3 to 4 hours a week and tbh I'm having a lot of fun. Loved literally every change wz2 brought. I believe the streaming community in general drives this bad notion about the game because they're more competitive and don't like the more tactical approach this game needs or something like that. I'll be disappointed if abusive movements are added back next season, not gonna lie.

  12. I found out the hard way that SPACEBAR is not the handbrake. Glad to know that it's as fucked on controller.

  13. I disabled bumper ping and now they are both on LB, but i have to ping with up on the d pad which is just as impractical

  14. essentially you want to clear an area without using all your resources preferably and do the relevant exploration / rune/item collecting in doing so. once you're done with the area, or if need be level up if you were struggling to clear the area / beat the boss, go visit a site of grace.

  15. Is there a way to know when you have cleared an area that doesn't have a boss? I cleared a village earlier with nothing notable in it, and it's appearance on the map doesn't indicate it's been cleared.

  16. Yes, i sold the ps5 and got a series x. Problem fixed.

  17. The damn menu and load outs is the only thing I can complain about!

  18. Sooo many bugs in the menu screens it’s unreal. Hopefully patches fix the majority within a few weeks.

  19. Funny thing is he does the new execution when standing but his original one when the enemy is downed. I guess we'll wait for a fix.

  20. I only throw them out when they're downed just to take the piss :joy:

  21. I think there is a party finder built in game, I've seen it 100% but haven't used it yet.

  22. There's a tab on the bottom right of ypur screen with a command depending your platform, it's a llittle weird but it's there.

  23. It's the same on xbox, we'll just have to wait it out.

  24. red rocket gas station is a nice location as well. workbenches for storage, crafting, and building, plus has an armour rack

  25. I like it very much cause it's all next to each other, only missing the doctor. Do any better locations become available later in the game? I don't really like the brotherhood's airship cause you have to walk a lot to reach the benches and the airport just doesn't cut it.

  26. Just build you a clinic, like you would any other vendor or merchant.

  27. Wow didn't know that's possible, im just starting the game. Thanks a lot.

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