1. I don’t know where the comment went, but some one said Silver pencilled Wyandotte? So far that’s the closest I’ve seen that resembles Chanticleer.

  2. He definitely looks like he has some laced wyandotte in him. Good looking Roo. Congrats on your addition!

  3. I think 4 is still using Origin to launch. Maybe look into that.

  4. Until the grid goes down and your solar setup does nothing for you and your fridge. Just my .02 since I don't have battery backups and watch cali turn the power off quiet a bit these days.

  5. Good looking Boy! That red on his upper wing is crazy.

  6. they are ready to bring players in?? HAHAHA

  7. The Teddy Bear is a nice touch. GG tattoo artist. O>

  8. My roos are bad enough without armor. FFS

  9. I’m using a non gaming PC from 10+ years ago and it runs smoothly

  10. if you do 4 day trades in 5 day period you will be flagged as pattern day trader and it is required that you maintain 25,000 in a margin account. every time i opened a new account in td and schwab and did 4 trades i got the notification that i was a pdt and each acct needed 25000.

  11. GG's, still got the 400 to yonk some tendies with my man

  12. Lower that delta. .47% is abysmal for a covered call.

  13. Just respond Yes and turn your phone off

  14. Yes, looks like a chicken to me.

  15. I love this fucking community and Thiccc Latina E-3's

  16. Just logged in. the 1b is a single cockpit lvl mount

  17. also smn prime has a missile mount overhead

  18. The Halo community is Incredible.

  19. I should clarify, I already got my honorable discharge. If you’re still in, I would advise you too stick to drinking lmao

  20. the fact you gotta clarify that shit makes me feel at home.

  21. Shit don't change. That's why the bond remains Timeless.

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