1. $450 tab at the bar. May have bought too many randos green tea shots and buddies tequila shots. It is what it is

  2. Night owl check in. Finally calling a night at 4am… see y’all at 1pm

  3. Here is the funny thing about you all. Nick don’t give two dung piles what you think and just laughs at your analysis. And actually probably agrees what you are saying. That is powerful and so however he got that rich or poor self made or not self made. You don’t have it. But you want it. Full stop analysis.

  4. Surprised his nasal cavities haven’t expanded from the yayo a la Artie lange

  5. One time I was in LC on like a random weekday afternoon around Lunar New Years, and the kids who do the dragon dance showed up and dragon danced for like 30 minutes. If you haven't seen one, that shit is LOUD especially indoors. I was waiting for a seat so I didn't care, but watching the hapless outrage of regs who were playing was fucking priceless.

  6. They did that last year at Hustler casino in the main poker room so you could see/hear part of it on the HCL stream. Lots of people enjoyed it but some of the shitregs were clearly not having it lol

  7. Saw this got downvoted last night and was confused. Who'd you piss off in the drunk thread?

  8. Trying to rally the troops to hit a bar but instead it looks like I’ll be watching welcome to chippendales. Rip

  9. Because of the attrition. Optimally you should siege with as few units as possible, which in this case would be 30-32 units of artillery only.

  10. How do you know the optimal number of infantry/arty to siege with?

  11. biglaw culture isn’t as toxic anymore, especially if you’ve played ranked league of legends.

  12. What is the equivalent of Inting mid? Just not responding to partner emails at all?

  13. Wasn't there that one Roman galley found off the shores of south america?

  14. Can’t tell if this is a troll post or serious. Fyi any large denomination chip will have the casino name on it and if it’s a 25k chip it’ll have rfid so you could confirm with the casino anyway lol

  15. The Austrian and ottoman empires fought each other fiercely for 400 years only to both die and disintegrate together as allies in World War I. Honestly pretty wild

  16. Wonder what Chicken (David portnoy) thinks about his gf posting lingerie/half nude pics in every other Instagram post

  17. I know how this turns out. You’ll be drunk all weekend as well

  18. Lol yeah man. Going to Peter Luger tomorrow then turning up on Friday night. Rip to my liver

  19. I don’t even see the utility in that site. More speculation/misery but without any real substantive knowledge imo

  20. Lol right? OP worked with this recruiter and then isn’t going to share the offer letter to (a) allow the recruiter to continue his/her job and provide thoughts about what terms are market/negotiable and (b) help the recruiter get paid with the proof of offer.. so weird..

  21. What’s the action? If I knew villain’s hand and even if he ships it with a pot sized bet on the flop it’s still a call. Getting 2:1 and have 44% equity.

  22. Would you call knowing your opponent has 17 outs? Lol

  23. You super late reg with generally around 10 bigs, find a good double up, then you’re pretty much in good shape to cash.

  24. Um how are they gonna do Rick and Morty without Justin roiland?

  25. Love how the graphics correctly shows the 6s as chop outs too. What a clown show by everyone involved, the loser, the dealer and the floor. I wonder if it’s a final table and the other players knew it was a chop but purposely kept their mouths shut to take the ladder up

  26. Yeah that’s a good approach. I’ve definitely been “under billing” my time by doing all the weekly entries in one go and having that time be wasted. Really need to get into that style and submit time daily/after the completion of a task but old habits die hard haha

  27. Well first I play at a lot of places due to travel and don’t want to carry around a lot of cards for places I play limited hours at. Trying to avoid the George Costanza wallet.

  28. You can get your player’s card every time you go to the casino lol. I almost never bring one and just go to one of those card maker machines or have a pit boss at the floor make one. Takes 2 minutes.

  29. I won mine off the $95 last weekend, If you win a second or even third you can sell them just so you know.

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