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  1. I think it's a massive stretch logistically. Where are they getting these empty bottles of 20 to put they're compounded medicine in?

  2. It's their own 20mg oil that is sent to a compounding lab in Adelaide to bump it up to 40mg and they are either too tight or to slack to have proper labels made and just use a sticker. I can say without doubt that it's much stronger than the t25 topaz oil I am prescribed.

  3. Morrison doesn't care anymore if he ever did, he lives in his own little world where he is perfect and infallible and thinks he is being unfairly targeted. He has his pension and all the money he continues to make as a sitting member despite not actually turning up for work or doing anything since he lost the election.

  4. Deputy Lib leader having a cry that their platform of "we hate Dan so everyone else must hate him" election campaign failure made my morning.

  5. Ah the old cats arse logo. There are old blokes in the Latrobe Valley who still wear the shirts and blueys with the logo.

  6. Nothing at all, leave it there to do it's thing until you are older.

  7. First thing is that coco/perlite isn't soil and needs to be treated more like hydroponics. There are no nutrients in it so you need to start feeding almost immediately. A good site for learning how to grow in coco is

  8. 7east Genetics are in Canada and only have regs but have a good lineup of strains and have solid rep for beans getting through.

  9. I'm in Sydney, and my wife (a native) tells me it's always a toss-up whether it will be hot or cold. Yeah, I guess another of my notions - summer is when it finally stays hot. But maybe that's another of my inappropriate notions; I always have to run the calendar backwards to figure out what my mental equivalent would be. Technically, I suppose there are the solstices and the equinoxes

  10. It's essentially another American telling another culture how things should be based on their own traditions while failing to grasp that they are in another country, time zone and hemisphere.

  11. Thanksgiving is totally different to Halloween and Black Friday, also Halloween wasn't started in America.

  12. Nice. I have some Gelato 41 x Orange Sherbet seeds I might chuck outside and see how they go.

  13. Can’t remember his name. Think his first name was Charles or something

  14. I think they have a fairly high turnover of doctors there.

  15. Yep the one I originally had got fired from his previous practice for requesting a 3some with his patient. Was nothing but chill with me tho

  16. Yikes. Mine buggered off to start his own and they were so shitty with him they didn't even bother rescheduling any of his appointments.

  17. So brave to come out with this now after turning a blind eye to it for his entire career.

  18. A mate just finished some sensi superskunk and for an old school strain it packed a huge punch.

  19. Step away from the internet or at least reddit for awhile champ, it's clearly not working for you at the moment.

  20. Ooo, you have an opinion! That's putting on the big boy pants! Good for you!

  21. Lol. The attempt at trying to be sarcastic and condescending to hide how butt hurt you are is both sad and pathetic for a grown man.

  22. They are good because it's so easy but since they started their own dispensary they have dropped off a little bit especially in regards to the labelling. My last 2 tubs and multiple people I know who have signed on recently have just been given a plain white sticker with their name and D.O.B. instead of your script like you get from a pharmacy. If you want an official looking tub or oil bottle get them to send your scripts to the pharmacy.

  23. Yeah that's one thing I'm trying to get at the moment, they haven't actually sent me anything via email at all and I just want a copy of my script to carry with me. I've followed up once but now I'm thinking they might have entered my email wrong. The stickers on the tubs are from the pharmacy though and look legit.

  24. Cool. Hopefully they have the labelling sorted or did you get it from an actual pharmacy instead of their dispensary?

  25. Not too late for the outdoor season yet especially with the shocking weather we currently have.

  26. Because anything less than 100 plant hunt is tiny. And he was not doing 100 plant hunts when he got 10 of each strain and they were regs so he took a guess on the male and put it with his opinion of a keeper from maybe 5 females

  27. I saw the whole process as he did it and you are way off the mark and making some fairly big assumptions,

  28. Australia might be a large place but the growing community is pretty small in comparison and people know people outside of reddit the only assumption here is you thinking I’m a nobody on a 20day old account 😂 defend the guy and the hype all you like ✌️

  29. Lol you have absolutely no idea and I don't care who you are. If you were a long time member who recently made a new account I'm guessing there was a reason behind that.

  30. They are there because they are either Musk sycophants or don't have other options to go to.

  31. Is the Angry Victorians Party one of the parties that popped up during or around the lockdowns? I noticed there is another one heavily campaigning in my region called The Freedom Party and I assume the freedom they are talking about is the freedom to refuse government mandates that the rest of us follow like vaccines and other things in the best interest of the wider community.

  32. Not to mention the other exotic animals that have established small populations like red eared slider turtles and a few reptile species. I've even heard anecdotal stories about squirrels in Australia.

  33. Kid stfu I know about this shit ok I did research I'm not a moron

  34. Yes and I've noticed a lot more cockroaches as well.

  35. Grab the Photone app and use it to set the light height and intensity.

  36. The wind has changed direction has it? Going to be hilarious watching the turn about these muppets are going to have to do now. Peter Dutton will be forced to admit it through clenched teeth.

  37. True but even if it does the Libs will still never accept it and fight it all the way.

  38. What's the advantages of a clear pot? I thought roots hated light

  39. You are correct. Roots hate light, this is a bad idea.

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