Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

I can't help but look.

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  1. they call them architects and not designers; i think ye actually coined it.

  2. Not sure why all the Aeroflot answers are getting downvoted! I’ll never forget my 8 hours of misery from SVO-BKK. They were all drunk, singing, sitting backward in the chairs. Guy in front of me threw up on floor which slid all over my backpack. Entire roof of plane is visibly shaking violently during take off and landing. Cigarette butts in the Lavatory… Yelling flight attendants… “NOODLES OR BEEF!?!?!”

  3. I feel so seen. Cigarette ashtrays with cigarettes in the armrests, people playing music on their phone out loud, whole panel missing in the rear galley exposing guts of the plane, lady next to me was for real eating a whole fish she brought on the plane, like a whole roasted fish getting fucking scales everywhere my left arm smelled like a fish market. Dropping several thousand feet in elevation, turbulence, an unsecured cart rolled forward and crushed this lady’s elbow drawing blood. Like split it open she was an older lady. The flight attendants were drunk.

  4. I am the exact opposite - I am very organized and have implemented many time saving methods and tricks at home. People always want me to come to their houses to help them, but I find it difficult to purge and sort for others when I don’t know what their needs are. And most people say they want to be organized, but don’t actually want to throw away their junk!! It’s too frustrating.

  5. Oh gosh what I wouldn’t give to be able to look objectively at my own house, but I’m so happy for you. Yeah it’s all about the junk. Then they buy and bring home more junk and go out and buy more before they’ve organized the stuff they’ve already bought.

  6. I do organization for other people and my home is a wreck! It’s way, way easier to fix other people’s lives than your own : )

  7. You have NO proof of this. None. Just like you have no proof she hung her kids so stfu.

  8. 🤣 You must have skipped any and all reading classes you dolt.



  11. You stated people were prosecuted. That’s the link I’m looking for. I know the laws. Just looking for a source on them following through and can’t find one


  13. Good god man thanks so much for finding that. I was really hoping we weren’t there yet. Probably a state of denial or disbelief or fear in my part. Let’s hope this ends soon.

  14. She may now have ghosts in her blood. A strong dose of cocaine should fix that right up

  15. You’re bullying someone who is suffering for not knowing something. You don’t know an infinite number of things so you’re a hypocrite and an asshole.

  16. If you don’t know not to PET WILD MONKEYS THAT CAN TEAR YOUR FACE OFF WITH ONE HAND - ahem. You are awarded by Darwin.

  17. I'm sure it's SO easy to be working from home, caring for your mentally ill wife around the clock ALONE and trying to put food on the table for your family. Mind you the wife was released by doctors to go home. GIVE ME AN EFFING BREAK. Have you ever had to care for three children and a mentally ill spouse in a crisis and WORK full time? And have to feed them bc probably the wife can't drive? Maybe people can't afford or have the luxury of having "round the clock care" like you so easily state. Like are you insane? The judgement and recklessness of comments like this are shocking. And so out of touch with reality.

  18. If the choice is not having private time temporarily or losing your entire family….

  19. She was likely stable enough to continue treatment in an outpatient setting, but that doesn't mean she was completely stable. It can take months for someone to fully stabilize.

  20. He lost his insurance due to repeated thefts from the work site.

  21. I wish I could be as oblivious as you, thinking I'm the only person in existence, or, everyone is somehow absolutely identical to me.

  22. Planned obsolescence is real. Buying ancient technology because you’re afraid of some hypothetical situation where your apps stop working which doesn’t affect the function of your TV at all is not.

  23. If you dont consider your tv's apps working as part of its functionality, then you really arent as hung up on needing to opt for a smart tv as you say.

  24. I consider my tv showing shows and movies as it’s functionality. Because that’s what a TV is for. But I don’t need to worry because the apps have never caused me issues in 7 years. TV fast as lightning. Have a good night!

  25. Wow I did NOT know this but I have had issues with generic Wellbutrin in the past - there’s one generic that seems ok, the other was hellish. I am going to look this up thank you

  26. Yeah I went the whole is it sandoz? Teva? Which brand do you carry calling all these pharmacies. Slowly, the pharmacies started stocking the cheapest generic possible from India- and then I fell into a really messed up depression. There’s hundreds of people who died because of it. It’s really, really fucked up. Straight to hell with pharmaceutical execs. No passing go, no shot at redemption. HELL.

  27. Yes no matter what anyone tries to say or gaslight you- generics can vary enormously. For example, the FDA finally came out and admitted that despite not understanding why, generic Wellbutrin does not work like the name brand. Huge class action lawsuits.

  28. no i did not. I made a pernup( which is basically a mutual agreement) a requirement for marriage. If thats not for you, move along

  29. You’re literally single talking about a hypothetical situation that limits the dating pool dramatically for you. Maybe .05% of women would agree to that. On top of being a misogynist who doesn’t trust women and is incredibly arrogant with absolutely nothing to offer a woman or child. At least you admit you’re wildly insecure. Funny enough most Reddit users who post about their partners asking for a paternity test break up with them when they find out it’s theirs, only to find out the partner requesting the test is the one who cheats. Best of luck.

  30. My datingpool is not your concern. I would not agree to a relationship if i cant trust a woman, but it seems you dont know what misogynism is.

  31. Take it slow after recovery. At least 3 weeks no working out after you recover. Don't want you getting long covid. Trust me, almost 3 years in and no end in sight. Shit is horrible.

  32. Same here. Going on two years now. Changing my diet to anti inflammatory, zero alcohol, no meat or sugar and I’m almost back to baseline. If I drink alcohol I’m out for a week or two. Took too long to learn the inflammatory connection. Even just a few drinks I’ll be fatigued for days. Sober for six months now. Hope you feel better soon!

  33. Don’t drink on the paxlovid and don’t drink until you feel better! Paxlovid is wild tastes like metal. Game changer.

  34. Why would I track down two people who pointed guns at my head over a phone? The phone is not important to me. I'm just glad I'm alive. I canceled all of my cards and changed my passwords.

  35. Excellent line of thinking. Thanks for having common sense. Sorry this happened to you.

  36. Sure, let me just check with the fellas down at the crime lab. They got three more detectives working on the case! They got us working in shifts!!

  37. Paper coffee filters are one of my must haves. I’ve tried everything. The only thing better is a bialetti! Bialetti is probably lowest waste with most delicious coffee. Mine is 25 years old I’ve only had to replace the seal a couple times.

  38. I don't care. You all are having a very separate conversation to the one I am. Did I ever argue that under no circumstance can a man be obligated to pay child support or did I argue that just having sex with a woman and her becoming pregnant doesn't obligate you to child support, by default?

  39. Understood. They aren’t my employees. They sat in the same classroom I did to get the training on the system and card readers. This was the ONE game I was supposed to be able to watch without interruption , the parents are lazy and did not set up anything properly. You can’t turn it on and start swiping. They knew this! They didn’t do this! It’s the second time it’s happened, so yes I was upset but none of which anyone (parents/kids waiting in line behind the gates) saw/heard.

  40. Nope, i don’t drink and I’m on my meds! Bad day maybe, bad moment…absolutely! Looking for help to navigate, not judgment or lectures. I know i fucked up…that’s not the point.

  41. It is like the people who started blaming Jon Benet's brother who was a child at the time. As if he has not undergone enough trauma.

  42. They knew what weapons he had. None. They patted him down and asked if he had weapons. It’s not rocket science.

  43. Not when they are out of their vehicle laying on the ground after several cops pat him down, no. Thankfully they recorded all that so it’s not a question.

  44. You can't tell in the picture, but the soil was in a container at one point. They probably dumped out the roots and soil and kept the containers

  45. That's what made me suspect cannabis. As well as being dumped in a secluded area

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