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  1. It's a bit of fun? Who doesn't like getting the crayons out?

  2. These guys are bringing down the entire financial system because they bought and held onto a stock!!!

  3. I too could use some significant upwards movement to help cheer me up a little.

  4. Also, what was up with that “you always have a right to sell there’s never a hold time.”? How tf can you sell what’s been loaned out? Sounds like bullshit to me

  5. Reddit suggests cross posting, do it here and it's a banning.

  6. After time logged at boarding school and Oxford I'd imagine he was most certainly well into his "entitled douche" stage in this photo.

  7. The Bullingdon Club, burning £50 infront of homeless people etc.

  8. I would be more than happy with a car as a service, far better that having thousands in capital tided up in a depreciating asset.

  9. I studied for a degree in radio production from 2007-2010, and at no point in that time were we formally taught anything about podcasting.

  10. How does radio production differ than podcast production?

  11. As a creator, maybe digital copies in the Marketplace?

  12. I don't think it's anti hype... I think it's more I'll believe it when I see it. Plus price going up stresses people out because they get less stock with Computershare auto buys

  13. Pain at the back knee can also be referred pain from the patella, you could have something else than gout (or it's gout) going on.

  14. How does he protect all of the USA with a dome? All the way to the tip of Florida, Hawaii and Alaska. Mexico and Canada will be under it.

  15. Sadly all crypto wallets are still in an extremely primitive state as far as UX goes, and still really nowhere near the easy setup/installation that it will take for massive waves of crypto clueless to become consumers of products integrated with user's crypto wallets.

  16. In a browser the Dev experience is constant and Google do a lot of security heavy lifting. It works across many OS platforms too.

  17. I agree it's not bad in a browser, still pushing the technical limits of the average person who just wants to play a game (like a 12 year old kid and their parents trying to set things up).

  18. However as a pragmatic entry point to allow and easy to use marketplace, it's a fine spot.

  19. While not Gan Z, I have taken the simple path of making sure that it's one of the first questions or state my minimum.

  20. European date format. I mean hey, it works 🫠😂

  21. Not as good as ISO8601 but superior to the US format ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  22. But heading into Tuesday, an NYSE employee failed to properly shut down Cermak’s disaster-recovery system

  23. A DR that failed because of a backup? So they can only have a DR event outside of a backup window.

  24. Also who does DR in literal production? Most use a production clone to test response times and ability to restore from a complete system failure scenario. Not gonna put your production environment on the line during that lmao

  25. I believe this. The worst financial setup in pre crash and yet indices barely went down 25% 1 year and a half later. This slow mode crash is unprecedented

  26. Let's not forget Ukraine too, economic crash will undermine support.

  27. I'm a retail investor, and I want all my orders routed directly to NYSE!

  28. -100mg Allopurinol is always started with some sort of medicine which prevents a gout flare-up like Colchicine or NSAIDS like Indomethacin.

  29. Allo isn't always started with a other drug, certainly not for me (also in the UK).

  30. We do it right because we do it thrice, okay four times.

  31. Did IT somehow break the money printer in the DR test?

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