1. I don’t care what anyone says - Family Guy still makes me laugh and I enjoy it

  2. I liked this show better when it was called The Walking Dead

  3. As much as my job sucks I’m very thankful I don’t work in retail

  4. Attending others children’s birthday parties all weekend every single weekend

  5. The hawks are not our rivals, but they could potentially be one if we keep facing them in the playoffs. Maybe I’m old but I really only consider the Heat Bulls Pacers (to a lesser extent) and Brooklyn Nets to be our “rivals”

  6. Dolan isn’t perfect but at least he isn’t afraid to spend money to try to fix the roster. It could always be worse

  7. Seems like only my dad died from it. Everyone else came out unscathed. Cool. Must be nice.

  8. I’m out of the loop. Where can I read up on what’s been going on here? I still have all my wmemo staked. What have I missed? Dani is gone? Sifu is back? What’s going on??

  9. What happened to the frog nation discord?? It’s gone or I was kicked? Dani seems to have disappeared too. I’m really out of the loop can someone please update me?

  10. I took it in 2007, at that time they did give you a %, no clue about now

  11. They only tell you your score if you fail now. Some firms were firing people for not scoring high enough so they had to stop telling the number

  12. Onions have no business being on pizza. I’ll never be convinced otherwise

  13. He’s a mentally unstable loser who isn’t fit to lead anyone. Not hard to see it

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