All my homies hate CBDC

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  1. So we can’t use nuclear power to power our homes but we can use it to mine crypto? Fuck this country and it’s priorities

  2. follow the incentives, bitcoin is changing our incentives, for the better, look at the bigger picture ffs

  3. If I were you bro I'd start with depositing a very small amout just in case. It wouldn't be a bad idea to move your coins thbrough 5-10 transactions as well.

  4. Why are you on a KYC exchange if you care about your privacy, just use p2p instead.

  5. i love how no one realizes this signals centralization, but hey my bags right?!? this sub is pure aids, forgotten the original vision of bitcoin, UNCHANGEABLE

  6. Crypto, a non regulated currency that depends on regulated currency to have any value

  7. you realise there are people who count their wealth in different forms of currency, very hard i'm sure.

  8. I wouldn't trust trustwallet, its closed source i think

  9. That's the "idea people" for ya. Crypto space is littered by those, I've been approached so many times, even by duplicate ideas ("I want to create a crypto that is tied to the worlds population, where the total supply is updated every day based on how many people there are"). They just need someone to write it up, of course, shouldn't be an issue if you're a programmer, just don't tell anyone the idea because it's super duper precious and valuable and you're so lucky to be involved in their genius flow.

  10. only bitcoin makes sense, every other crypto is a grift

  11. I thought fungibility and traceability were separate concepts and that BTC and ETH as currencies were non-fungible (because while transactions are logged on the blockchain, individual bitcoins/ethers--or fractions of them--are not). Is there something I'm missing?

  12. The lightning network will be used for transactions, it's a lot more private, new developments are coming soon with BOLT12 and blinded paths for privacy, we'll defeat the CDBCS.

  13. Bold of you to assume people will be given the choice

  14. We have a choice, just don't use their money, use freedom money, bitcoin, start using p2p in local communities, fuck them

  15. To add to what you just said, say you send CBDC to a wallet address which then sends you BTC, both transactions will be visible on-chain. Big brother then turns around and says "you've been identified with interacting with a known criminal wallet address, your funds have now been frozen, in line with the terms and conditions agreed to. Turn yourself in to the nearest police station to see how to unlock your wallet"

  16. The receiver can just make a new unused address for free? This is a nothing burger

  17. They are getting the most valuable lessons for free, would be much worse for them to experience all of this first hand when they have the FOMO fever in a bull market.

  18. OR, that ALL alts are literally here to take your USD or BTC

  19. Yeah but your cash will lose value over time where your bitcoin could be more valuable down the line. It all depends on your sentiment towards bitcoin.

  20. Get a cold card and make bip85 child wallets, give him a child wallet seedphrase so if he loses it or something you can still sweep it

  21. Try following the steps in this video and let me know if the problem still persists.

  22. Sure, withdraw bitcoin if you aren't planning to sell it for a while, but what exactly is your plan when you want to cash out in a few years? Don't tell me you're planning on HODLing forever. I think mass adoption of Bitcoin payments are a pipe dream. Lightning, maybe, but the transaction value is limited.

  23. And at least beef FUCKING FEEDS PEOPLE!! it does something relatively productive. Bitcoin adds absolutely nothing of value to the world.

  24. you live in a bubble if you think bitcoin is useless lmao

  25. You guys need to start thinking why Bitcoin get's bashed so much, why is that?

  26. Climate change activists and ESG corporate PR are gonna start loving Ethereum and FUDing Bitcoin.

  27. Bitcoin processes 7 transactions per second. Visa processes around 1,700 per second.


  29. Study how Order 6102 worked before you rule out the potential effectiveness of an equivalent attack on Bitcoin.

  30. You’re talking with authority like Bitcoiners haven’t spoke about these points before..

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