1. If it locks in the fitting can I wear it for Your entertainment

  2. You will be entertained just knowing I am locked snugly at the moment. Would certainly be amazing if You held my keys.

  3. The one You wish for me to wear will be the one I wear. It would be Your choice.

  4. Be great to have a puff and see where it leads us.

  5. Pretty sure that’s the only way I would get them.

  6. Gladly wear a collar on any part of me You wish to place it.

  7. Always try to do my best I believe that’s what You would expect and deserve.

  8. what an honor and a privilege that would be. dreaming of someone like you to take control.

  9. to be collared and then led by You would be awesome. that cock would make me putty in Your hands. Willing to do whatever You wish

  10. I am sure I would and certainly hope You would enjoy it also.

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