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  1. Man I wish I could’ve done this with my cheating ex husband. Watch him squirm and cower when I walk up to him and his little 21 yr old girlfriend and stand over them lol

  2. I live in Milwaukee and there’s literally a Dahmer tour here where they take you around to all the places he frequented, show you the phone booth he called one of the victims from, the site of his apt where he did the murders, etc. It’s fucked up

  3. is the tour led by women? only asking because i saw a "dahmer tour" on an episode of dark tourist, and i was disgusted by it. iirc they claimed that they had spoken to his ghost.

  4. It’s quite possible it’s the same one. The tour is led by a bar in the same neighborhood as a lot of the bars he frequented. But that same bar also does “haunted ghost tours”, so maybe they do the Dahmer ghost thing too

  5. Trust your gut. He isn’t a good fit for you. He sounds insensitive and kind of like a childish prick. Sounds like he was pouty and complaining the whole weekend, and yes traffic is annoying but you’re hanging out with the girl you’re dating, get over it and enjoy the one-on-one time in the car. You deserve better!! (Coming from someone who is also sensitive and has MAJOR past relationship trauma)

  6. I’d be disappointed in my boyfriend if he purposely ignored helping out a person, whether man or woman. If you’re so insecure that you have a problem with your man doing something kind for another person who happens to be a woman, you shouldn’t be dating

  7. Yeah, you got me. And I can tell you’re an idiot

  8. Sometimes I pick the dry skin on my feet 🤢 I also have the most annoying habit of rubbing/pressing my lips together a million times anytime I put on lip balm (which is always). Like it even annoys me that I do it. I also have gastritis so I’m always really burpy/belchy after I eat lol

  9. I think Joseph if he didn't make it in this season, would've gotten the callback on the next season for sure. We don't have many houseguests in the Middle Eastern representation department.

  10. Yeah, one day on the feeds Kyle alluded to a previous convo they must’ve had because he was like “so you were supposed to be on next year, what happened?” And Joseph was like “I’ll tell you once we’re out of the house”. So I think he was told they wanted him for next season, but then he obviously got bumped up when Marvin was a no-go

  11. TIL tequila soda is a gross drink? I guess I’m nasty

  12. How many times is Brittany going to turn this convo back to Austin and her house

  13. I wanted more than anything to be a mother, but I wasn’t able to be. Nice to know there are other women out there that hate me with a burning passion for something that was out of my control 😒

  14. I was more confused with Sclnthorpe than kerb?

  15. “Your home has 2ero kerb appeal. If ya, wont to live like you ore from Scinthorpe, maybe ya, should more there!!”

  16. “Police said in a July 20 news conference that Waddy “held (the gun) in a manner that the muzzle of the gun was pointed in the direction of the officers on Larimer Street,” though later acknowledged during questioning by reporters that Waddy was holding the gun by the top, not the grip…”

  17. It’s insult to injury (fucking literally) that when they do this shit, they can’t even own up to it and admit fault. Incompetent.

  18. Ah yes, the good ol Midwest goodbye. Don’t forget the part where you try to send them home with leftovers (usually some kinda casserole) and tell them to tell their folks you say hi, oh and watch out for deer on the way home!

  19. Duh, don’t you know that knowing the relationship status of a person = you wanna hook up with them??

  20. We think we always gonna have two cameras inside and two outside this week or feeds just gonna be whatever?

  21. I’d guess always 2 in 2 out, although that’s gonna make it hard to keep track of what’s happening inside the house since there are more rooms in there. Wish they could just split up the cams to 4 separate areas

  22. Jesus this woman must be a literal Bella Hadid lookalike. Or just a liar

  23. I have this! It was in my rental house when I moved in. I had no clue that one thing was for knives, I just hung a dish towel on it. And the thing on the side for the cutting board….also didn’t know what that was for so I hang my dish washing gloves on it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  24. Mine used to follow me everywhere so closely I could feel his nose on the back of my legs. And when I’d finally sit down he would sit right next to me and place one paw on me. I used to call him a creep all the time because of the way he’d just stare at me. Man I miss my little shadow dog. RIP Dexter ❤️

  25. Mine will follow me just as closely. I can feel her nose and occasionally she will lick my leg as we are walking.

  26. It’s like they just need to be touching you in some way, whether it’s with their nose or tongue or paw lol

  27. Mine either…things got more experimental the longer we were married / the more bored we became with our “regular” stuff. That is, til he got a bit too “experimental” and decided to give cheating a try 😂😂

  28. I asked my last boyfriend if I got in a car accident that destroyed all my features and I gained 100 pounds if he would still love me. He said no.

  29. If it makes you feel any better, my husband and partner of 17 years always said yes to questions like this, but he still ended up cheating with a 21 year old which ended the marriage 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think I’d rather a “no” than a lie

  30. Oh cool, more Jasmine smacking her mouth loudly

  31. You just know the producers are hurt by Kyle’s “this is an older person show” comment given how hard they seem to try to cater to younger people with the casting lol

  32. Kyle implying us older folk have the time to invest into watching/following BB but the younger generation doesn’t

  33. Best comfort food ever. Have you ever had one in the morning for breakfast with your coffee? The best.

  34. Oh sorry, you’re right. Asking questions to someone you might be interested in dating is totally stupid. My bad.

  35. Taran has a showmance with his “I’m so bored and I’m so horny” Kyle button

  36. Nicole telling Julie she loves Big Brother when not so long ago she was saying she'd never watch it again because things didn't go her way.

  37. Hmm idk, Alyssa already talks shit on Taylor like a jealous girl though 😕

  38. Replay in your mind him yelling at Taylor in the bathroom. It’ll clear that right up

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